How Switching to Twilio Auto Dialer is the Best for Business?

How Switching to Twilio Auto Dialer is the Best for Business?

Twilio Auto Dialer is an Undeniable valuable plugin for your SuiteCRM software. Earlier you were going for a long process to get connected with the customer.

In the cloud communication industry, no one has been able to outperform Twilio. Whether it’s SMS messages or calls, Twilio is regarded as one of the best. All this is possible because of the API (Application programming interface), which allows developers to customize the application as per their needs. In this article, we’ll talk about a plugin- Twilio Auto Dialer. It allows you to select multiple contacts and automatically dial them one by one. This is an industry-standard extension and capable of handling hundreds of contacts easily. You can utilize it more optimally by integrating the extension with CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Why Switch to Auto Dialer from Traditional Landline Services?

Twilio Auto Dialer is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service and it’s a known fact that VoIP is more economical than traditional landlines. Let us show you some statistics related to the popularity of VoIP. In North America, VoIP can occupy at least 40% of the market share by 2025. Other reasons for switching to Auto Dialer are- flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. If you’re a small business at the budding stage then you need business applications that can grow along with you.

Once you integrate Twilio with CRM then benefits will be endless. The sales reps will have access to valuable customer data while they are talking to the customers. This will improve the odds of closing deals and the quality of customer service will also see a significant increase.

Features of Twilio Auto Dialer Plugin

Our Twilio extension has features and functionalities that suit all kinds of businesses. Whether you belong to Call Center or Retail, the plugin will get the work done easily.

  • Automatically Dial multiple contact numbers: Once the plugin is installed on your system, you can choose multiple contacts and then automatically dial them one by one. You would not be required to dial the phone numbers manually. The entire process will be automated.
  • Choose a delay time between two consecutive calls: The users can also choose a delay time between two consecutive calls as per their convenience. This automates and personalizes the workflow a level higher.
  • Records and saves every call conversation: The plugin automatically records every conversation that occurred between the agent and customers. The user can access these recordings anytime and analyze the conversation.
  • Take notes while having conversations: Suppose, you are engaged in a conversation with a customer and he shoots some valuable information that you will need later. In this case, our integrated notepad will help you. You can pen down all key points and they will link to the history of that particular customers.

We have delivered this extension to a wide spectrum of businesses. And all of them have achieved significant growth in their productivity, efficiency, and automation. It allows agents and calls representatives to work more dynamically than ever before.

Pricing and Offers

You can get your hands on Twilio Auto Dialer at an attractive price of $499 USD. At Outright Store, you will also get a 3-days risk-free trial and after that, you will only need to pay a one-time price. If you act now then you can also get a 10% instant discount on the plugin as well.

Twilio Integration with SuiteCRM