An Insider’s Guide to SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration

An Insider’s Guide to SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration

Introducing SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration to help you for improving your Email Campaign and managing both CRM and Mailchimp in real-time.

The easiest email marketing software will always open the easiest way to effectively maintain the leads and create a new one. You all are inundated with advertisements everywhere about the topmost email marketing software. Well, if there is no goal to adapt the primitive tool then we suggest you put hands on Mailchimp software. This All-in-one solution can make your marketing tactics smarter and turn your business into a great platform to run. So, we have a plugin for this that can close more deals and that is “SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration”. A quick rundown of Mailchimp and SuiteCRM with salient features.

Here we go:

Let us elaborate on the past situation here first. Users are not happy with the Email Campaign process in Customer Relationship Management. Many said that sending and receiving is a herculean task for most of them. We are not saying the CRM system is hard to use, but audiences are not happy with the email campaign work process here. We brought an out-of-box solution for you. Outright Store syncs the SuiteCRM software with Mailchimp software. And we introduce a plugin called SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration.

What is it?

With the introduction of this plugin, you can now work on your email campaign with no difficulty. Our plugin helps you to take your email marketing work to the next level. Here a real-time synchronization between Mailchimp and SuiteCRM. You get the two platforms doesn’t mean that you have to show some extra effort for managing both. Thanks to the Real-time update function to streamline our work.

Provide More Personalized Experience With Advanced Segmentation

This is a feature that you’ll get in the Mailchimp Pro. Ever heard of the term Market Segmentation? It is a type of marketing in which a business targets the market based on more precise and defined market segments. In Mailchimp, you’ll get many criteria that you can use for targeting subscribers more effectively.

How many top-notch features are there?

A plugin of SuiteCRM software is incomplete without its features. We are going to share a comprehensive overview of this extension functionality. Have a look-

  • Our plugin uses the entire features of Mailchimp software. So, your goal of running the campaign in SuiteCRM can go perfectly with no hurdle. Hope the Marketing business entrepreneurs are here because this is the most important function of our plugin to understand.
  • Moving on to the next feature and that is a real-time update. The feature is the crux of this plugin because everyone wants to save their quality of time and effort in doing something. No need to stay active on both Mailchimp and SuiteCRM. Try to work in an advanced way now.
  • You daily do numerous email campaign activities to gain more audience. So, we guess you want to check the Email disposition daily to know the result. Checking the email status like how many opened, how many respond to you, etc is possible. This compelling addon is wonderful and makes a clear picture of your email status. Make decisions according to that.
  • SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration offers you superb functionality like Opt-out. If anyone wants to stop getting the email campaign from someone then they can for sure use this awesome plugin for this. The opt-out feature is for you all.

How much will it cost you?

This product SuiteCRM Mailchimp Pricing is $399.00. And we have a special offer for you all. You can purchase this extension and get 10% off on this. The plugin is compatible with all SuiteCRM versions, so don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration


With SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration, you’ll have access to lots of valuable information and insights in one place and at the right time. This will help you in taking decisive decisions quickly and more accurately. Nowadays, data is the key to success, and above all, organizing and making sense of scattered information should be the topmost priority. Our add-on can help you in accomplishing all these goals.