What is Twilio and How it has revolutionized cloud communication?

What is Twilio and How it has revolutionized cloud communication?

Learn how Twilio is revolutionizing the communication industry through its next-gen VoIP and cloud-communication technology.

Think of any mode of communication like customer support, getting appointment reminders via SMS, the message of arrival from your Uber driver, video conferencing, or any other, Twilio is capable of providing all these and even more. So what is Twilio? It is mainly a platform for developers, which is called Twilio Customer Engagement Platform. Developers use Twilio’s renowned APIs (Application Programmable Interfaces) for creating extraordinary stuff out of nothing. Through these APIs, you can practically build any communication channel including but not limited to SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, Video, email, chatbots, video collaboration, etc.

How is Twilio changing the way of communication?

Post pandemic world is a whole lot different than before. Remote work and communication have now become mainstream and necessary. In this evolving business preference, Twilio has played a major role. In recent years, more than 9 million developers from nearly 180 countries have been building and delivering various modes of digital experiences to their customers.

Developers do their part by building applications using the Twilio API and Twilio provides them robust connectivity between the internet and other global telecommunication networks. In this way, they have successfully managed to propagate more than 900 billion human interactions in a year. Now you have learned what is Twilio and how they work, we’re going to highlight some fundamental ingredients of this platform.

What is Twilio Customer Engagement Platform?

It is a platform used by developers to build communication applications using Twilio APIs. In this section, we are going to explore some vital areas of this platform.

Contact Center

In order to stay ahead and top of the others, a business needs to continuously evolve and adapt as per the residing environment. For example, there is the Twilio Flex application. It is a fully programmable contact center platform. Through this application, users can access many customer engagement channels without any issue. You can also use a bunch of tools to customize the existing functionalities of this platform. Due to these reasons and many others, Twilio is different and better than any other SaaS-based cloud contact center.

Marketing Campaigns

Twilio for Marketing is a platform that allows you to run infinitely flexible and responsive marketing campaigns. With the help of this, you will be able to create ideal conditions and provide a personalized customer experience. The UI-based editor of Twilio for Marketing allows the users to create and modify designs that can harmonize with the audience persona. Not only this, but the user can also check the email usage statistics like open rate, CTR (Click Through Rate), delivery, or unsubscribe, etc. You can analyze this report to get the optimum results.


Scalability has been a huge concern when it comes to sending and receiving messages. But it should not be anymore. Twilio has made this job a lot easier through their messaging API, which allows the user to send and receive different forms of messages like SMS, MMS, and OTT around the world. Twilio has a reach to nearly 180 countries in the world, where users can use Twilio’s phone number for sending and receiving messages.


The voice call is considered the best communication channel if you want to establish a sense of personal connection with customers. And Twilio’s programmable voice allows you to do unimaginable things like routing calls to any browser, an app, a phone, or any device which is capable of taking calls. The API enables you to integrate PSTN, SIP, or VoIP calling to your website, a mobile application, computer application, software, etc.

We hope you like the content we orchestrated and now you’ve understood what is Twilio and its various solutions as well. Twilio has given birth to a developer’s community that is revolutionizing the telephony and cloud communication industry.