Why You Should Choose A Channel Letter Sign For Your Business

Why You Should Choose A Channel Letter Sign For Your Business

Why should you choose a channel letter sign for your business? You have to make a multitude of decisions for your business, including how you want to present...

yourself to potential customers. It is important that you consider every option, since signage becomes your initial impression with others. If you are thinking about channel letter signs, then you are in the right place. Channel letter signage has a number of benefits that can serve your business.

So, without further ado, here are reasons why you should consider a channel letter sign for your business.

What is a Channel Letter Sign?

A channel letter sign is a sign comprised of multiple elements, including three-dimensional letters, logos, images, or other things. You often see channel letter signs applied to storefronts over the entrance. The difference between channel letters and other kinds of signage is that every piece of the channel letter sign contains its own electrical element. However, channel letters do not have to be illuminated to be beautiful.

Different Kinds of Channel Letters

Let’s a have a look at some kinds of channel letters. Knowing the difference between the types will help you decide if you should choose a channel letter sign for your business.

  • Front-Lit Channel Letters. The lighting elements shine through the front of the acrylic face of each letter. The light is usually LED.
  • Reverse-Lit Channel Letters. Similar to front-lit channel letters but reversed. Light comes out the back of the letter shapes, forming something of a halo around the letters.
  • Open-Face Channel Letters. These often utilize neon to develop an eye-catching look. There are no faces covering the electrical elements within the letters being lit up.
  • Specialty Channel Letters. These a signs that include two or more elements of other signage types. You can choose the shape, size, mounting, colors, illumination, and so on.

Why You Should Choose Channel Letter Signs

Are you stuck between choosing channel letter signs and something else for your business? When it comes down to making a selection, you should choose something that matches your business aesthetic and budget. Here are some reasons why channel letter signs can do just that:


Since you are making an investment in your signage, you may as well spend some money on materials that you know without a doubt will hold up in poor weather. The good news is that channel letters are about as durable as signs come. Made from things like durable vinyl, aluminum, and polycarbonate, you know that the signs will hold up against hot, cold, wind, and all matters of precipitation. Even if you need to repair your channel letter sign, you can be assured that it will be quick fix.


Channel letter signs can be made as unique as your heart desires and can be installed with light-up elements. This not only looks attractive, but it will increase the visibility of your business. You can use your channel letters to promote your location, like a landmark. Bright LED lights and a stunning design will also make it much easier for customers to pick your business out of a bunch. In short, if you want to be found, use channel letters.


You can customize your channel letter signage however you would like. Because every letter is an individual unit, you can be as creativity as you want to be. You can choose the overall design, materials used, size, illumination method, colors, fonts, and graphics. While you will need to do some research to figure out what will work best for your business, there are truly no limits to what can be done with channel letters.

Cost and Energy Efficient

Channel letter signs might seem expensive, but they are really one of the best ways to market your business and brand. You can invest a little money for a continuous marketing campaign, boost brand recognition, and an excellent first impression—all of which is actually priceless!

Now, about energy efficiency. Unlike channel letters or other signs made with neon or another kind of light bulb, channel letters lit with LEDs will help you conserve loads of energy, will reduce your energy consumption, and will last twice as long as traditional signs. If you plan on having your store open after the sun sets, then LED illuminated channel letters are an excellent choice.

Brand Image Booster

Whether you have just opened up or are redoing your business signage, selecting channel letters can have a tremendous impact on your brand image and recognition. Since channel letters reflect the overall mood of your company and form a first impression, you can use your channel letter signage as a perpetual marketing campaign. So make sure you are choosing a design that expresses the right things!

Are You Ready For a Channel Letter Sign?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose a channel letter sign for your business, but we have included the most important factors. If you want a customizable, versatile, durable, and cost-effective solution to business signage, then channel letter signs are perfect for you.

If you are ready to learn more about channel letters or would like to request a quote, get in touch by filling out the contact form. Someone from our professional team will reach out soon. In the mean time, read some more of our blogs!

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