Why Lighting Matters For Your Business Signage?

Why Lighting Matters For Your Business Signage?

Lighting for your business signage is critical. It represents both your business and your brand. Find out more here on how we can help you.

Why Lighting Matters For Your Business Signage?

Lighting matters for your business signage because it represents both your business and your brand. What you choose in lighting will be a big part of how your business grows and prospers. How does lighting help your business signage? Well, here are some reasons it matters.

Signage Represents

Exterior signage is a big part of the message you send. The colors that you choose, along with the size and style of any letters, can give potential customers a full explanation of what you offer. Lighting plays a big part in that aspect.

Lighting Benefits

The lighting you use with your exterior signage helps to augment the bigger and smaller details of your sign, plus it projects and captures the attention of potential customers. There are benefits to the use of lighting on exterior signage, plus you can improve your signage with it. A business benefits from exterior lighting. So, what are the benefits of lighting?

1. Helps your sign surpass those of your competitors

2. Allows for flexibility and creativity with signage branding

3. Adds other elements to signage, which gives it a different and varied appearance

4. Allows you to capture the attention of both old and new customers

5. Helps your sign to be more visible, particularly from greater distances and at night

6. Allows you to make technical adjustments in new designs and looks

7. Provides energy efficiency. You can include a few exterior LED lights to light a whole sign

8. Saves you money as LED lights lower electric bills

Ways to Use Lighting with Exterior Signage

1. Illuminate your sign for good visibility even with rain or fog

2. Illuminate your signage which reinforces your brand even when your business closes for the day

Ways to Illuminate Exterior Signage

There are different ways to light up exterior signage. Backlighting is one way as it helps the lettering on the sign to stand out. You can also uplight or downlight your sign, which displays light from above the letters or below the letters.

Color Enhances Your Brand

Lighting is a way to enhance the existing colors of your brand. Say you have signage that is neutral (a dark sign contrast with a tan building). You can then use and add lighting that brings white, blue, green, or other colors into the sign, which highlights your business.

Lighting creates different effects than an everyday static sign. With LED lights, you get a glow, which brings energy to your brand and awakens the emotions of people observing it. You see neon lighting with restaurants and bars because it affects customers and makes them feel interested and excited about the business.

Rather than relying on a static sign, exterior lighting enhances your brand and makes it more appealing.

Changing Colors

Using different light colors intensifies your brand but you can gain more coverage and spirit with a change in colors for the seasons, holidays, and other events. For example, a Fourth of July event could include a signage display of red, white, and blue lighting and fireworks bursts.

Other Lighting

You don’t always have to limit lighting to your signage. You can use it to draw attention to the building that houses your business. Set up display lights on the building itself with a special emphasis on your building’s prestige and safety. Customers will view the building from a distance, plus drive up to see it.

Another idea is to use LED lights to brighten the parking lot near your business and sign. You’re bringing safety to the area while illuminating it and letting customers know you’re open.

Reduced Costs

Whatever sign you choose for your business, the cost savings are significant versus traditional advertising, such as billboards. An illuminated and digital sign is desirable because of its versatility, its reduced wear and tear, and its minimal upkeep. Though LED and digital signage can be a bit more costly than other signage choices, over the long run it attracts more business, which increases profit.

Impress With Illuminated Signs

A sign can have a psychological impact on most any customer. Illuminated signs make an indelible and incredible first impression. It’s comparable to a graphic calling card. It conveys to customers that they have value and center on service. You’re also sending the message that your business is well versed in modern approaches to doing business, along with a forward-looking approach to smart advertising.

Make an Impact

With an illuminated sign, you can advertise to both current and potential customers and you can do it both day and night. You’ll also attract drive-by traffic, which represents another component of potential customers. Your business at night really stands out with an illuminated sign. This aspect alone makes them remember your business.


One way to determine exactly what your business needs concerning lighted signage is to consult with a commercial sign company. They can do an assessment of the area where you want the sign and determine placement and the type of lighting you need to advertise your business and make potential profits.

Lighting Matters

Lighting matters with your business signage. If you want it to reflect your brand positively, both an appealing and striking sign that includes lighting essentials is an appropriate answer to your advertising needs. You want to work with a sign company that has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to create an illuminated sign that fits you and your business.

If you’re interested in illuminated signage to increase traffic, you want to expose your brand and appeal to old customers, and attract new ones. Tupp Signs can help you achieve all of that. We have been in business for over 90 years and cover every facet of sign design, installation, and maintenance. Any sign we design and develop will bring lasting benefits to you and your business. Call us at 302-322-1600. You’ll be glad you did.