When It's Time To Repair Or Replace Your Neon Signage

When It's Time To Repair Or Replace Your Neon Signage

Most neon signs just need to be freshened up with a few repairs. The neon glass tubing can be easily recoated.

When It's Time To Repair Or Replace Your Neon Signage

Neon signs have a distinct vintage look to them. While well-maintained signs can draw customers to your business, one in bad shape can keep them away. There are many reasons why a neon sign can falter. If you notice that the sign is not glowing, it could be time for a repair or replacement. Here are a few things that you should know about your neon signs.

Repair or Replace?

A neon business sign is your customers' first point of contact with your company. You want it to look its best. If some spots are flickering, you will want to repair the sign. Any damaged or burned-out elements of the sign can be fixed. If you put off those repairs, you could end up with an inoperable sign. Most damage can be easily repaired in little time.

In many cases, if the sign is in bad shape, it needs to be replaced. Some vintage signs might have elements that need to be custom-made for that model. When it comes to the issue of cost, you might want to opt for a new sign. If the sign fails to light up, you need to call a specialist to fix the problem.

Why Your Neon Sign Doesn't Work

There are several reasons why your neon sign is not working. If you are using a refitted retro sign, some of those components could have reached the end of their lifespan.

Remember that neon signs need a constant supply of power. When there is a power interruption, it will cause the sign to work improperly. Some signs are connected to each other. If one light goes out, they will all malfunction.

In addition to electrical issues, a cracked glass casing will cause the neon gas to leak out. With that situation, the sign will stop working. You should never attempt to repair the neon sign by yourself. You will want to call a professional to determine the problem with your signage.

How Long Should a Neon Sign Last?

Neon signs continue to grow in popularity. They are a classic way to advertise your business. When you place one in your window, you want to know about its longevity. Since neon signs have different components, they will have different lifespans.

A few factors can affect the life of your neon sign, including the color coating, transformer condition, and gas shelf life. You can typically expect the transformer to last up to 15 years. However, that will depend on how much you use the sign. For those indoor signs, they can last many years. These signs don't have to face the weather elements or direct heat from the sun. Outdoor transformers can be damaged by sunlight. If your sign is located outside, you may have to replace a transformer every few years.

The functionality of your neon sign can play a significant role in the lifespan. Those LED or traditional signs with an inconsistent electricity supply tend to have a short lifespan. Excessive blinking can wear down the components, leading to a reduction of the sign's longevity. If you want to extend the lifespan, you might want to use the flicker settings on your neon sparingly.

Depending on the usage and brightness of the neon, the tube coating could last for up to a decade. Remember that phosphorus coatings do not have an indefinite lifespan. That coating gives color to the neon, and you can expect them to stay vibrant for up to 10 years. When they start to fade, find a neon specialist to recoat them. The power strength of the sign can influence the shelf life of the coatings.

Finally, the power supply can affect the lifespan of the sign. An unreliable power source can damage a neon sign. If you have the sign properly installed, you should have no problems with the power supply. There are times when the sign may be getting too much or too little electricity. When that happens, it can shorten the sign's lifespan.

Now that you know about the lifespan of a neon sign, when is it time to replace or repair it?

Repairing Your Neon Sign

You will want to repair your neon sign when it starts to look worn down. Take your sign to a repair specialist who understands neon. A poorly done repair can cause more damage. Most neon signs just need to be freshened up with a few repairs. The neon glass tubing can be easily recoated. Fresh gas is added to the tubes during that process, and the transformer is replaced. Expect it to last for many years after that repair.

For many owners, even though they can repair the sign, the cost might be an issue for the business. Neon repairs can be costly, especially if it needs a whole overhaul of the components. If the price is too high, it might be a better idea to get a new sign. Look at your budget and determine whether you want to repair or replace the sign.

Neon Sign Maintenance

A neon sign makes your business look more attractive and brighter. If you want to maintain your neon, there are a few steps to take.

Always clean your neon. When grime and dust gather on the surface, it can affect the performance. In addition to that, it makes the sign look dull and uninviting. You can use a paintbrush or vacuum to take away the excess dust.

You never want to keep turning on and off the sign. Keep the sign plugged in at all times. When you turn off the sign and plug it back in, it creates more wear and tear on the sign's transformer.

With these tips, you can maintain the look of your neon sign. When you see a problem, you can decide whether it is time to repair or replace your sign.