When is it Time to Replace Your Parking Lot Lights?

When is it Time to Replace Your Parking Lot Lights?

Parking lots may not seem like an important aspect of your business, especially since most lots are just a vast expanse of asphalt and painted lines...

But it is not always what is seen during the day that is judged. A well-maintained and well-lit parking lot displays a picture of safety and professionalism. It proves that you care about your customers—and your brand reputation.

In the evening, when the lights come on, your current and potential customers are taking in the overall scene. If those parking lot lights are flickering or dull or not doing their job, people won’t be using that parking lot for long.

Considering making some changes? Here are ways to tell it is time to replace your parking lot lights:

Reasons to Replace Parking Lot Lights

The foundation of a secure and safe business is one with bright lighting and plenty of wayfaring signage. Outdoor lighting should therefore be considered both a safety measure and an enhancement, because you can use it to highlight elements around the property, such as storefront or the sidewalk.

When you replace and improve your parking lot lighting you are showing that you care about the overall well-being of customers and employees. It shows you are committed to eco-friendly practices, safety, and clarity. That means that, if you study your current parking lot and do not feel secure and cannot see clearly, then you should consider replacing the lights in the parking lot.

Signs it is Time to Replace Your Parking Lot Lights

Sometimes, it may not be obvious whether you should invest in replacing and upgrading your parking lot lighting. Here are signs to help you figure out if your parking lot needs improvement:

Low Energy-Efficiency

Like the lighting fixtures in your home, parking lot lighting can waste a lot of energy if it is not designed to be efficient. Unfortunately, most conventional types of parking lot lighting are very wasteful. In fact, if you swapped out to LED lights, you would use 1/3 to 1/30 of the energy you do with CFL or incandescent parking lot lighting, depending on the size of the bulb.

This also means you will be spending a lot more on utility costs than you probably want to. Incandescent bulbs use up to 90 percent more power than LED bulbs, and they also admit much more heat. If you want to cut energy costs, consider replacing your parking lot lights with LED.

Lots of Dark Spots

Take a drive around your parking lot in the evening. Sit there for a moment and survey the layout. If you notice that there are dark patches where light doesn’t shine or where certain features look blurry or muffled, you have a problem. It is a tell-tale sign of poor lighting when there are bright spots and dark spots in the same area. You can upgrade to better light bulbs and invest in fully shielded fixtures so that light descends more evenly, reducing glare and light pollution.

Customers/Employees Feel Unsafe

Aside from seeing dark spots for yourself, consider what your clients and employees have to say. Do they feel safe? Has there been complaints about vandalism or an increase of crime in the area? Interestingly, it was found by the Chicago Department of Transportation that crime can increase by 134 percent when streetlights burn out. The rule applies to parking lots. So, if you want to keep your valued customers and employees from harm, then you need parking lot lighting that reduces that possibility of crime.

When you upgrade to LED lighting or something similar, you can greatly enhance visibility of your surroundings. Simply replacing tired lighting will do wonders, but when you have lights that rate high on the Color Rendering Index (CRI), the more details the human eye can pick up. Conventional parking lot lights rate on the lower end of the scale, around 49 CRI on average. LED lights score around 80-82.

Light Bulbs Burn Out Quickly

Have you noticed that the parking lot bulbs you just replaced are already burned out? Calling up a company to bring a utility truck in just to change out the lights can be expensive. If you are done with those countless replacements, then it is time to switch to something with more longevity, like LED lights. LED bulbs average around 50,000 hours (or 10 years) before dying.

Increased Light Pollution

Outdated parking lot lighting does not look clean, because it is emitting UV rays or mercury or other contaminants. LED light bulbs, on the other hand, release fewer pollutants into the air, making them a better option. You want to avoid light pollution—excessive and obtrusive lighting—since it affects human and animal health and wastes tons of energy.

Furthermore, conventional light bulbs are made with toxic materials. LED bulbs can be recycled.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Parking Lot Lights?

Do not let your parking lot become an unwelcoming wasteland after dark. If you are paying high utility bulbs, constantly replacing CFL or incandescent bulbs, having dark spots, and are getting reports that your parking lot does not feel safe, it is time to replace your parking lot lights. One of the best options is LED bulbs—cost- and energy-efficient.

Don’t wait! Upgrade today. Have questions about how to replace your parking lot lights? Want to know what options you have? Then get in touch with us by filling out the contact form.

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