What You Need To Know About Outdoor Sign Repair

What You Need To Know About Outdoor Sign Repair

Like most things in this world, your outdoor signs are not something that can be installed and left alone. If you want to get the most of your investment...

you need to perform routine maintenance on the electrical components. Even outdoor business signage that is made from the highest quality materials will begin to fade from sun exposure or crack from the heat. Weather also plays a role in the breakdown of outdoor signs.

In fact, some damage cannot be avoided. But that doesn’t mean those damages have to become a lasting piece of the sign. Professional sign companies can repair different kinds of outdoor signage without any issue.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering getting your outdoor signage repaired:

Malfunctioning Signage Can Hurt Your Business

Your outdoor business signs are an essential accessory that lets people know you are open. Without operational business signage, you could be giving the wrong message—one that says you don’t care about your reputation or your image. Additionally, signs that have been neglected or are broken will inevitably cost you more money over time than it does to have it immediately repaired.

What to Know About Outdoor Sign Repair

When you decided to get your outdoor signs repaired by a professional, they are going to need to know some information. For instance, the specialist may need to inspect the signs to figure out what needs to be done to restore the sign to its previous condition. They will consider several things, including the following:

Types of Signs

There are a couple kinds of outdoor signs, such as neon outdoor signs, commercial outdoor signage, and pylon signs. The most straightforward kind to repair is the commercial types that have acrylic faces that fade over time or crack. Some may have electrical elements that have broken down and need to be replaced.

Neon signs will require a more experienced hand, since the gas could have leaked out from the tubing, or the transformer may have died. Older neon signs may have dangerous materials that you should not handle.

Meanwhile, pylon signs are much like commercial signs, except, because of the height, require specialty equipment. Also, pylon signs that are in disrepair can pose a safety threat to those passing by below.

Exterior Illumination

Electrical components are one of the most common reasons you will be looking to have your outdoor signage repaired. Whether the lighting is exposed or housed within the sign, various scenarios can unfold that lead to blown bulbs, flickering, or other issues. If you are using your signage to brighten the edifice in the evening, don’t wait to get it repaired. Otherwise, you reduce your visibility.

Remember, electrical work is complex. Never attempt to troubleshoot electrical problems by yourself. Hire a professional to rewire elements, replace bulbs, and maintain neon tubing.

Plastics and Paint

There are many sign types—cabinet signs, freestanding monument signs, pylon signs, channel lets—that have numerous components made of various materials. For instance, some cabinet signs are simple boxes of acrylic, metal, and wiring, while monument signs may be made of cement, stone, and contain an electronic message board. While most materials have been constructed to be resilient to wind, rain, frost, and heat, nothing is entirely impervious.

Vandalism, weather, and old age will soon break the paints and plastics on your sign down. Even if the damage is not yet noticeable, it will get worse—and then your storefront starts to look less professional and welcoming.

While you can maintain your outdoor signs by washing them off with some soap and warm water, only an experienced sign company has the knowledge and equipment to restore the colors of a light box or replace customized images that have been printed on vinyl or acrylic.

Get Your Outdoor Signage Repaired Today

East coast weather can be unrelenting and unpredictable, and you never know what your outdoor signs are going to have to face from one day to the next. Do not allow one of the most vital pieces of your marketing and brand identity to get ruined. Since outdoor signs can be repaired or replaced, there is no reason to let the issue get worse.

Be sure to do some maintenance on your signs; those in disrepair can be fixed by Tupp Signs!

We know how to get the job done quickly and correctly, so your signs can once again shine. Contact us today by filling out the contact form. We will be in touch!

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