What’s The Difference Between Pylon Signs and Monument Signs?

What’s The Difference Between Pylon Signs and Monument Signs?

When you are faced with choosing signage for attracting business, you might have a vision in mind.

What’s The Difference Between Pylon Signs and Monument Signs?

When you are faced with choosing signage for attracting business, you might have a vision in mind. However, once you start shopping around, you find that there are two kinds of signs that can do the job. Pylon and monument signs might sound right, but only one is going to give your business an advantage. Both solutions can showcase your logo and brand image, so how do they differ?

Here is everything you need to know about monument signs and pylon signs.

Monument Signs vs. Pylon Signs

The key difference between monument and pylon signs would be height. A regular monument sign is typically no higher than 5 feet tall, whereas a pylon sign can be seen several hundred feet away, due to its towering height.

Characteristics of Monument Signs

A monument sign is designed mainly for corporations and businesses that stand alone. This signage option is durable, long-lasting, and made solely for outdoors. They can also add elegance and professionalism to a commercial property.

Here are some common characteristics of monument signs:

  • Freestanding sign that is seen at eye level and stands no higher than five feet
  • Often paired with other landscape or aesthetic features, like water fountains, trees, bushes, and flowers
  • Manufactured from materials like aluminum, sign foam, masonry, and bricks
  • Can be outfitted with LED lights and readerboards, lightboxes, and other illumination
  • Metal lettering and channel lettering can be mounted to monument signs to create an eye-catching sign

Characteristics of Pylon Signs

You can consider a pylon sign (also known as a pole sign) the taller cousin of the monument sign, since it combines elements of monument signs but puts the sign on display using poles. Furthermore, you will often find that several brands or businesses are using the pylon sign, which is why pylon signs are common sights around multi-tenant buildings, shopping plazas, and the like.

Here are some common features of pylon signs:

  • Towering height that can be see at a distance
  • Can be either be for a single company or for multiple tenants
  • Typically made from stone, brick, metal, or aluminum
  • Can feature customized lightbox displays
  • Can be manufactured at different heights, sizes, and shapes

You might be thinking that a pylon sign is the answer to all your needs, but that’s not necessarily the case. You see, many areas have mixed zones, especially if your business is located near both residential and business locations. While having a super tall pole sign could make your business stand out, it could be out of place in the neighborhood.

That is why you need to know how to choose between a monument sign and a pylon sign for your business.

When To Choose a Monument Sign

Is your business found somewhere more secluded or in a residential area? Do you have much competition nearby? Whenever you are located near houses, you want to consider a monument sign. Plus, you might have to contend with rules and regulations, so monument signs have defaulted to the safest route.

If you are concerned about visibility, remember that you can add digital LED elements to monument signs. You can add messages and other images to catch the attention of pedestrians and motorists alike.

When To Choose a Pylon Sign

So, when should you select a pylon sign for your business? There are some things to consider. First, if your commercial property or business is found near storage facilities, manufacturing plants, and other businesses like yours, then building a pylon sign makes sense. Not only do you stand out from the sea of warehouses and storefronts, but you can also alert motorists of your presence.

Similarly, if your business is found near a road, highway, or even an interstate, the only way your business is going to be noticed is if you bring the sign up to the level of the passing vehicles.

Do you own a shopping center? Then building a pylon is an excellent way to tie together the image of the plaza and give the businesses a place to enhance their visibility.

Both Are Customizable

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for less, especially when you want to increase brand awareness and get more business. An array of models exist for both monument and pylon signs. You can even get a hybrid of the two! The sign that is best for your business is going to be the one that is versatile and adds character to your property.

Whichever you choose, a fantastic sign design goes a long way. If you want more information about how we can help you get the best sign for your property, fill out the contact form. We’ll send more information right to your inbox.