What Is A Channel Letter Logo Box?

What Is A Channel Letter Logo Box?

Are you looking for a signage option that allows for the ultimate amount of flexibility with design?

What Is A Channel Letter Logo Box?

Are you looking for a signage option that allows for the ultimate amount of flexibility with design? When it comes to signs that attracts customers to the store, nothing will work better than your logo paired with the name of your business. Your options are not limited, especially if you are looking at channel letter signs and customized LED illuminated logo boxes. Paired together, these sign types can increase brand awareness and recognition, function as a locator for your storefront, and even work overtime as a marketing campaign.

Is a channel letter logo box right for you? Let’s find out.

What are channel letter signs?

To understand what logo boxes are and how they differ slightly from traditional channel letters, we need to first describe what the signs look like and how they function. Channel letters are three-dimensional letter-shaped lighting elements that are each separate from one another and can either be illuminated or not.

In other words, channel letters are individual letters that, when mounted to a building together, can be presented as words. There are several styles of channel letter signs, and they can be made in a number of colors, sizes, fonts, and more, making them one of the most flexible types of signage for commercial and industrial businesses.

What is a logo box?

Although logo boxes are considered a channel letter by design, it is separate. A logo box is a contoured sign that is meant to display your logo. Sometimes, the tagline or branding statement is also included. Because the logo box is technically a “contoured channel letter,” it can be formed into almost any shape you can think of.

Many customers often confuse contoured logo boxes with another kind of signage—light boxes or cabinet signs. However, the two are different. Cabinet signs and light boxes are not contoured, meaning that the corners are squared off and sharp, and they have fluorescent tube lighting. Conversely, logo boxes have LED bulbs and can be rounded, square, oval, or any other shape.

The flexibility for shaping logo boxes is what makes them a more ideal option for creativity when compared to cabinet signs or light boxes. Also, unlike light boxes and cabinet signs, contoured channel letters and logos use trim caps and screws for mounting, while cabinet signs use retainers.

How are channel letters fabricated?

Although we have already mentioned some construction points for channel letters, let’s go more in depth. Channel letters and logo boxes have a unique construction that separates them from other signage options.

  • Trim cap. This is where the acrylic face of the channel letter is attached to the body. Trim caps are made of a UV-stable, eco-friendly, durable plastic that is extruded with aluminum. The trim cap is then welded to the acrylic letter face.
  • Face. Depending on the kind of channel letter you select, the face of the channel letter is either transparent or colored. The face is usually around 3/16 of an inch thick and is cut into whatever shape is required by a multicam or CNC router.
  • Return and back. The return is the side of the channel letter, while the back is just as it sounds. The return connects to the back and is usually anywhere between 3-8 inches deep, depending on regional ordinances. Returns are shaped by a computer. Similarly, backs are cut aluminum that can be 0.040, 0.063, or 0.090 inches thick.
  • Lighting. You can choose either illuminated or non-illuminated channel letters. Most illuminated channel letters and logo boxes will contain LED bulbs, but some channel letters contain neon tubing.
What Is A Channel Letter Logo Box?
MULHOUSE – France – 1st April 2017 – retail of the logo of the brand “Jaguar ” and “Rover” the british brand of cars signage on showroom

What are the styles of logo boxes available?

There are two kinds of logo boxes that you can select, though the differences between the two styles are minimal. You might choose a contour LED channel sign, where the letters are one big unit and shaped into the logo of your business. This is an excellent choice if the name of your business also serves as your logo. The Subway logo is one example.

The second option is an LED logo box cabinet, which is used for shapes, symbols, and logos that incorporate images behind a word. The possibilities are endless with this kind of design. Some examples of LED logo box cabinets include Sealy Mattress signs, Starbucks, Dickies, and Volvo.

How will channel letter logo boxes help my business?

Considering the examples from above, you may already understand why businesses benefit from logo boxes. You can easily recall the logo of certain businesses but maybe forget the font type of the sign. To make your brand name and signage pop and become more memorable, adding an image is an excellent strategy. Overall, a logo increases the reach and marketing abilities of the sign.

So, are you ready to get signage and also a long-running marketing campaign? This is an advertising opportunity that should not be passed up, especially if you want to transmit what you can offer to potential customers from near and far. That is what a channel letter logo box is, after all!

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