What Are the Different Types of Banners?

What Are the Different Types of Banners?

With a broad selection of materials, shapes, sizes, and glosses, banners are making a comeback as a cost-effective and eye-catching way to make a statement.

What Are the Different Types of Banners?

Want a head-turning sign that isn’t going to cost you a fortune? The digital age may have introduced options like electronic displays and fancy LCD monitors, but the banner remains one of the most simple and effective ways to attract attention to your business or event. Since banners require far less maintenance than other signs, the cost of installation is much less than digital signs.

When you think of the various banners that you have seen, you might be able to visualize a myriad of styles and shapes. Now, you might be thinking, “Just how many types of banners exist?”

Here is the overview you have been looking for.

What is a banner?

In the past, a banner was a long strip of material, usually a textile, that was emblazoned with a sign of some kind. You might think of country flags, army banners, and so on. The purpose was to represent an organization, government, and any other entity that has a crest or symbol or logo. Banners are meant to flow and be loose, giving them more flexibility over traditional signage.

Different Types of Banners

Materials Used For Banners

Although banners are primarily described as being made out of cloth—since they have been for many years—technological advances have allowed for more materials to be utilized. These materials will change the pliability, durability, color, and other aspects of the banner. Think about how you plan to use the banners before making your choice of materials.

Polyvinyl (PVC) Banners

Thought to be the most popular option for banners, PVC is a highly versatile material that is highly durable, colorful, and can be used indoors and outdoors. These banners are fairly reasonable when compared to older styles like vinyl applique from the 90s.

You can expect most vinyl banners to weigh around 13 ounces, but the range can be anywhere from 8 to 22 ounces per square foot. This gives the banner a little more wind resistance. You can also choose between a variety of smoothness and matte or gloss finishes to truly enhance the image. Some clients will prefer a matte finish if they don’t want the image to look plastic or cartoonish. However, if you plan on placing the banner outside, a glossy finish works best because dirt and grime doesn’t stick well to the slick surface.

Fabric Banners

Another find of banner is comprised of polyester fabric. Banners that use either poly knit or poly satin materials have great durability outside, but they are most commonly found indoors. Additionally, the process of sublimated printing allows for color that outlasts vinyl printing.

Sublimation enhances color durability through a process of pressure application, where the cells of the material expand to collect the ink, so it fuses with the polyester mix. If you plan on printing full color photographs onto a banner, you should consider a poly knit or poly satin banner.

Mesh Banners

This kind of banner is semi-transparent and seen where there is construction going on as a temporary fence or to show where the boundary between pedestrian and work zones begin and end. Because of the small holes in the fabric, mesh banners are a great choice for places that experience high speed or sustained winds, such as a lakeside or beach.

Styles of Banners

Now, let’s have a look at the various styles of banners that you could have made for your business, event, or any other organization or purpose.

Retractable & Pull-Up Banners

Retractable banners are also known as pull-ups or roll-ups and are an eye-catching double-sided banner option for those who do events or need retail signage. These banners are often about 6 foot tall and can come in a variety of widths that change according to your needs—but there are some limitations. Another benefit of retractable banners is that you can easily collapse and transport them from place to place.

The pull-up system allows for immediate set-up. However, that convenience is balanced with one weakness: the banner cannot be wider than 5 feet across.

Step and Repeat Banners

Do you need a banner that is subtle in what it advertises? Need to cover a space for a press meeting, event, or a presentation? Then you need step and repeat banners. These banners can be sized according to your project goals and will fill a space with your brand name or logo. Step and repeat banners display a selected image over and over again but without it becoming too distracting. It’s an excellent way for promoting your organization or service during events, talks, seminars, and presentations.

Hanging Banners

With the use of rods and cables, banners can be hung above a crowd for enhanced impact and visibility. Installation might require some effort, but nothing is more attention-grabbing than a suspended sign above everyone’s head. These are great ideas for festivals, fairs, grand opening ceremonies, parties, or announcements. You can’t go wrong with the classic look and feel of a hanging banner. An added plus is that you can now move away from the traditional rectangular banner and have the hanging banner cut into any shape you want, whether that would be triangular, circular, or diamond.

Pop-Up Booth Display Banners

Similar to pull-up banners is the pop-up display. These are banners made of fabric that do not have to follow the traditional banner design. That said, the goal of attracting other people’s attention remains the same. Pop-ups are used to extend across an entire plot, so if you have a large project, you might want a pop-up instead of a roll-up. Pop-ups also have a sturdier structure, are dimensional instead of flat, and they can have much larger sizing than other banners. While installation is not as immediate, it’s a great choice for arts and crafts shows, food vendors, and similar applications.

Put Your Message On Display With Banners

With a broad selection of materials, shapes, sizes, and glosses, banners are making a comeback as a cost-effective and eye-catching way to make a statement. Whatever your need, there is a banner that can help you grab attention.

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