What Are The Advantages Of Digital Marquee Signs For Schools?

What Are The Advantages Of Digital Marquee Signs For Schools?

There is no doubt that your school is an integral part of the community. As such, it is essential to maintain communication between a school and the community!

There is no doubt that your school is an integral part of the community. As such, it is essential to maintain communication between a school and the community that it serves. There are many ways to do this, but a digital marquee is one of the best. If you aren’t familiar with electronic marquee signs, they are signs that display moveable lettering in a backlit display. In this article, we will discuss the top six reasons for a school to choose such a sign.

1. Better Awareness Of School Events

All schools will organize certain events for the students and their parents. Of course, it’s easy for people to forget about these events, resulting in poor attendance, but a digital marquee offers a great reminder. It’s hard to ignore such a bright and conspicuous reminder, and this sign will probably be the first thing a person sees on arrival at the school. There are all kinds of events for which a digital marquee might serve you well. These include:

  • Graduations
  • Games and other sporting events
  • Fundraisers
  • Open houses
  • PTA meetings
  • Field trips
  • Plays
  • Concerts
  • Dances

2. They Don’t Use A Lot Of Power

Nearly all digital marquee signs use LED lights. In the past, signs like this were made with traditional bulbs, making them much more expensive to buy and run. Modern marquee signs, however, use only a tiny fraction of the power that was once necessary. That’s why a digital marquee sign is unlikely to make a significant difference in your school’s electric bill. If you want to get some more specific numbers, you can use this guide to calculate the exact power usage of an LED sign.

Because many schools have to operate on a tight budget, this consideration is crucial. Since a digital marquee does not directly bring a profit, it is less likely to pay for itself. Of course, it will likely increase attendance at your events, and that has multiple benefits, but you still need to keep the cost as low as possible.

3. You Can Broadcast Your Accomplishments

Whether its a victory on the football field or a particularly good set of test scores, it’s always good to reward students for a job well done. When they do particularly well, they deserve a little bit of special recognition. A digital marquee provides an effortless way to give them a sense of pride in a job well done.

Not only can you recognize exceptional students and teachers, but you can also broadcast other positive information about your school. For instance, if your school consistently turns out students with good grades and high test scores, there is no reason that you shouldn’t give your students and teachers some recognition.

4. A Lot Of People Look At Your Sign

When you are looking for any public building, it is natural to look for a sign. Even those who are familiar with the building are still likely to notice the sign, as it is a visible marker that tells you when you have arrived. Whenever a parent or visitor comes to the school, the sign will be the first thing they see. Because it will be bright and moving, it will surely catch their eye. This gives you a chance to make a good first impression. It also allows you to inform or remind them of upcoming events, and to communicate other essential information. The human eye is naturally drawn to bright lights, bright colors, and movement, making a digital marquee a consistent attention-grabber.

5. The Signs Are Fairly Low-Maintenance

Modern digital marquee signs are not particularly hard to maintain. In most cases, they don’t require regular maintenance at all. Of course, they will need periodic repair, but it will typically take years for these signs to break down. Even when they do suffer problems, these will usually consist of simple bulb replacement. An LED is generally rated for 100,000 hours of use. That means you can use the sign for 12 hours a day (for about 10-11 years) before the bulbs start to burn out.

6. Digital Marquee Signs Are Great For Schedule And Calendar Updates

As we have already discussed, every good school holds a variety of events for its students. Sometimes, however, the dates for these events are subject to change. If this should happen, a digital marquee is an excellent way to let people know about the change. In fact, it is good for any instance in which a change of plans has occurred.

The most common change of plans might be a school closing (usually due to inclement weather), but a lot of other factors can affect a school’s schedule of events. Also, digital marquee signs can be an excellent way to remind people about holiday break schedules. Everyone needs to know when breaks begin and end, so it’s good to make sure people have this essential information.


Most schools today make use of a digital marquee as their primary sign. While there are other types of signs that could do the job, only the digital marquee offers the opportunity to convey real-time information in a customizable form. The versatility of a digital marquee gives it a significant advantage in this particular market.

Overall, we can’t find any real disadvantages to this type of sign. However, we would caution you to remember that low-quality LED signs are common. If you go with the cheapest option on the table, you might end up with a sign that isn’t bright enough, or which isn’t reliable. You should always be careful about where you buy your sign, and make sure that the work is guaranteed with a warranty. If our work has been helpful to you, please feel free to fill out the contact form today.