What Are The Advantages Of Channel Letter Signs?

What Are The Advantages Of Channel Letter Signs?

If you want bold and bright signage, channel lettering might be for you. This kind of signage is known for providing extensive customization and other benefits.

What Are The Advantages Of Channel Letter Signs?

Choosing signage for your business is one of the most important choices you can make. The image you select is one that can either make or break your endeavors, so selecting the most advantageous style is key. If you want bold and bright signage, channel lettering might be for you. This kind of signage is known for providing extensive customization and other benefits.

Let’s have a look at how channel letter signs can help your business stand out from the crowd:

What Is A Channel Letter?

Before getting into the advantages of channel letter signs, we need to first talk about what these signs look like and how they are made. Channel letter signs are different from other types of signage, because each letter is a sign in and of itself unless you have the channel letters mounted to a raceway.

However, every letter is three-dimensional, so they are extruded from the mounting surface. Further, the depth of the characters depends on the size of the letter, the font, and other elements. You will often see these kinds of signs at shopping malls and plazas, boutiques, bars and pubs, restaurants, cafes, offices, and medical buildings.

Flexible Design

Because channel letter signs have an array of fabrication options, channel letters can become almost anything you imagine them to be. You can choose the shape, size, color, and style. The only limitations you may face will be caused by zoning codes, laws and regulations.

Different Kinds of Illumination

In a world of hundreds of signage options, it should come as no surprise that even channel letters can be illuminated different ways. While you can choose to have channel letters that do not light up in the evening, those who want to have visibility for 24-hours regardless of weather conditions, as well as enhanced sophistication, should think about the different types of channel letters available on the market.

Front Lit Channel Letters – The standard design that is made with an acrylic front surface, either clear or colored, and aluminum returns (sides) and backing.

Reverse Lit Channel Letters – Also known as “halo lit” or “back lit,” these are the exact opposite of front-lit. The front face is aluminum, and the back is made of clear acrylic or polycarbonate, allowing for light to shine out the back and create a glow around and between the letters.

Open Face Channel Letters – Another common type is open face, where the face is exposed to show any bulbs or neon tubing inside. However, light laws often forbid this kind of channel letter in many regions.

You can also get a combination or specialty channel letters that blend elements of these three main types to give you the look and feel you desire.

Indoors and Outdoors

Since channel letters can be lit or unlit and sized differently, you can get outdoor and indoor variations for your store. Channel letters also make for eye-catching directional signs for businesses. This also allows for keeping a consistent image, translating over to brand recognition, our next point.

Brand Recognition

Trying to save money on marketing? Channel lettering are excellent for communicating your brand name and image. The wide range of customization options allows for you to get the fonts and logo pairing that can be shown to thousands of passerby every single day. After all, consistency in your branding, such as your signage, internet presence, and brochures, can increase your brand recognition and reputation while making you look more professional and put together.

Durability and Longevity

Both aluminum and acrylic are durable materials that are built last through all kinds of weather. Aluminum, for instance, holds up exceptionally well against high winds, ice, extreme heat, and direct sun exposure. Furthermore, acrylic or polycarbonate and aluminum are affordable materials that require little maintenance. You will rarely need repairs, if at all.

High Visibility

Businesses choose channel letter signs for their stores for two reasons. First, sometimes the signage is required by law or another mandate. Second, channel lettering is gorgeous and professional. Whenever potential clients or customers see the name of your business in stylized lights, they start to recognize it—and eventually, they will stop in.

As we mentioned earlier, signage is a huge part of brand recognition. The high visibility of LED lights, paired with a sophisticated or cool design, is ideal for giving off the correct first impression. In other words, channel lettering is an effective and efficient marketing tool that will continue to generate interest long after purchase.


How could we forget to mention that channel letter signs are environmentally friendly? If you are trying to go green or uphold eco standards, then this is the sign for you. Maintaining channel letter signage once installed costs next to nothing. You might have to check for weathering once in a while, but overall, these durable signs are built to last.

Additionally, when you use LED bulbs, you get more energy-efficiency. LED lights can last for 5 years or longer, depending on their rating and how often you keep the sign illuminated.

Final Thoughts

With that, you should now know that channel letter signs are a wonderful way to market your business, because they are highly customizable signs with hundreds of options. Whether you need channel letters for the facade of your storefront or inside for additional flair, there is something for you that is within your budget range.

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