Ways That You Should NOT Clean Your Business Signage

Ways That You Should NOT Clean Your Business Signage

When it comes to sign maintenance, there are does and don'ts. Take a look here for tips on how to properly care for your business signage.

Ways That You Should NOT Clean Your Business Signage

As a business owner, you already know the importance of placing signage around your building. You want to have a sign that looks clean and well-maintained. Not only will the sign be easier for pedestrians and drivers to read, but a thorough cleaning will help to extend the longevity of this significant investment. Plus, it provides your business with a positive image in the community.

For those reasons, you want to keep up on the maintenance of the sign. While you might want to grab a bucket of water and scrub away, there are certain dos and don'ts of cleaning. Here are a few things that you should not do to clean your business signage.

Cleaning Interior Signs

Most businesses have interior signs throughout the building, especially if it is opened to the public. They can include anything from wayfinding markers to lobby signage. Many of the signs are made with resin, vinyl, or plastic. With that, you want to be careful about what you use to maintain the sign's appearance. Some chemicals can destroy the painting or finish of the sign.

By drying the sign's surface, you can maintain the look of your signage. You might be tempted to let it air dry, but that can leave behind streaks. Along with that, if you don't dry the sign, visitors will see the swirl marks and other imperfections on the surface. You can avoid all of that by using a lint-free cloth and wiping down the surface. This little tip can help keep your sign looking great throughout the year.

Another bad idea is scrubbing the sign with harsh brushes. You just need to brush the surface lightly. When you use pressure, you are more likely to remove paint or add blemishes to the sign. Don't use steel wool or scrub brushes. These materials are guaranteed to damage your interior signs. It will take off all of that grime and dirt, but the brushes will remove the delicate painting and leave grooves on the surface.

When cleaning a sign, pay attention to what you use as a cleaning agent. Some industrial-strength cleaning detergents and rubbing alcohols can take off the finish of your signage. You will be left with a dull sign that will not look attractive. Don't oversaturate the sign with detergent. Not only will that create a mess, but it can damage certain components. It also makes it harder to wash off the excess amounts of cleaner, leaving residue on the surface.

The Best Way To Clean an Interior Sign

Now that you know what not to do, there are a few tips to maintain the appearance of your sign. You always want to dust regularly. Think about deep cleaning the sign about four times a year.

For the best results, use a non-abrasive cloth to remove any debris from the sign's crevices, especially if your signage has dimensional lettering. When it comes time to clean the sign, only use a mild soap mixture that has been diluted with lukewarm water. With this method, you can prevent any build-up residue.

Work in a small area. Once you are done, take a few minutes to wipe down the sign and remove any moisture from the surface. After cleaning, you will have a sign that looks great and attracts those customers.

Clean Your Exterior Signs

There are several types of exterior signages, such as building signs, monuments, and channel letters. Many of these signs have special requirements for cleaning. Since they are located outside, you want to take your time and thoroughly clean them. In many situations, these signs are the first interaction you will have with the general population. Take time to make them shine!

Once again, you want to choose your cleaning supplies carefully. Never use any abrasive sponges or other materials on the sign. Along with that, read the ingredients on the detergent. A harsh chemical can cause damage to the sign's surface.

Make sure to use a fresh cleaning cloth. While an old fabric cloth could look clean, it may have leftover chemicals on the surface, causing a reaction with the paint. Since the sign is outside, you might want to pressure wash it. While you can do that, make sure to take some care with this method. If the water is set at a high level, it can unintentionally damage the sign.

You will want to wash the sign on a seasonal basis. Make sure to use clean water and the right cleaning agent. Many detergents contain a protective wax, and you can only use those waxes on specific types of signs. Remove parts of the sign to get the deepest clean, but take extra caution along the raised surfaces and edges.

Since exterior signs spend time outside, you have to watch out for environmental elements. Some pollutants and corrosive particles can affect the paint. Places with high salt levels in the air could see the color fade from the sign. To prevent discoloration, you should remove animal droppings, tree resins, and pollen. Any plastic signs are susceptible to damage from the sun. You can avoid deterioration by using a wax-based car detergent to clean the sign. However, always check the ingredients to make sure you can use them without causing any harm to the sign's surface.

Maintain the Appearance of Your Sign

When you clean your sign, it is the most cost-effective way to advertise your company. By cleaning the signage, you can protect your investment for years to come. Plus, it shows that you take pride in your business. Whatever you do, never make these mistakes when cleaning your signage. Always take the proper measures to keep your sign looking its best.