The Ultimate Guide To Types Of Business Signs

The Ultimate Guide To Types Of Business Signs

We probably don’t have to tell you about the importance of online advertising in today’s business world.

The Ultimate Guide To Types Of Business Signs

We probably don’t have to tell you about the importance of online advertising in today’s business world. As everyone knows, the majority of the world’s advertisers have moved to the internet. At the same time, it is important to remember the importance of real-life advertising. A physical advertisement has a certain impact that an online ad cannot match.

Think about it: When someone is looking for your business, they are probably looking for a sign instead of a building. That’s why you need something that grabs the eye and tells people that you are open for business. In this article, we will take a look at all of the most common types of business signs, along with their various qualities.

The Various Types Of Business Signs

The first thing to understand is the difference between indoor and outdoor business signs. The main difference between these two sign types can be seen in their intended results. While outdoor signs are designed to help customers find your business, indoor signs are usually designed to point your customers toward a particular deal or product. Thus, we might say that outdoor signs are intended to bring customers in the door, while indoor signs are meant to direct their attention to favored products once they enter the door.

Illuminated Signs

The Ultimate Guide To Types Of Business Signs

It is also important to understand the difference between lit signs and unlit signs. First of all, a lit sign will have to be powered with electricity, and that means an increase in your electric bill. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a lighted sign will use about as much electricity as the lights in your home. Unless you’ve got some serious lights in your house, this sign is going to be a lot more expensive.

Of course, you do get something in return for that expense. A lit sign draws the eye in a way that an unlit sign cannot do. The difference is particularly important at night when unlit signs are not even visible. It should be noted that a person can always go with a combination of the two. If you decide to go this route, we would recommend getting a sign that lights up at night and stays unlit during the day.

Any business that stays open after dark will need illuminated signs of one sort or another. This is an inevitable fact, so don’t think that you can skimp around on this. As soon as the sun goes down, any business with a dark sign will look as if it’s closed. Therefore, there are many variations of illuminated signs, and just about any sort of sign can be designed with an illumination system.

Pylon Signs

The Ultimate Guide To Types Of Business Signs

Pylon signs are another common variety. These are tall signs that are mounted on tall poles, which are usually made of steel or concrete. These signs are most often seen beside major roadways, where drivers are going too fast to stop and read a sign. Thus, they can only read the sign from far away as they approach.

That’s where a pylon sign can be immensely helpful. By elevating your sign to a much greater height than any other type of sign, they ensure that a business sign becomes part of the skyline, and thus, becomes very difficult to miss.

The single most important quality for a pylon sign is durability. This is a sign that has to withstand a lot of harsh weather conditions. Of course, the severity of the conditions will depend on where you live, but here’s another thing to consider: Because of the immense size of these signs, a failure can be highly catastrophic. If a normal-sized sign falls, that’s a problem….but if one of these signs were to fall, that would be an absolute disaster. There could be damage and loss of life involved, and no one wants to be liable for that.

Cabinet Signs

The Ultimate Guide To Types Of Business Signs

Cabinet signs are so named because their whole body consists of a closed case. Most of the time, they resemble thin rectangular boxes that are decorated with logos and lettering. These signs represent the best way to illuminate your company’s sign. We say this because these cabinets almost always have a light fixture inside of them.

With a cabinet sign, you can ensure that every part of your sign is lit, rather than having just one part illuminated. Consider the billboards that you see along the side of the road; for example…most of them have lights, but they are not fully lit in the way that a cabinet sign would be.

If you opt for this kind of sign, we recommend that you choose a cabinet sign with LED lighting rather than bulbs. There are several good reasons to make the switch, but most of them come down to a mixture of low cost and greater safety. An LED light just doesn’t get as hot as a traditional bulb, adding an extra level of safety. The initial cost of an LED sign can sometimes be higher, but they will pay for themselves before long. First of all, LED bulbs can last for years without needing replacement. Second of all, they use only a fraction of the electricity that would be used by a normal bulb.

Banner Signs

The banner is an age-old way of announcing your presence, so its use as an advertising tool seems like a no-brainer. Banners are meant to flap in the wind, and this actually does help to draw more attention. As a natural response, our eyes are more drawn to moving objects than they are drawn to stationary ones. Banners also have the distinct advantage of being very cheap. Banners might be made to be read horizontally or vertically. We suppose you could do a diagonal banner, although it would probably be more trouble than it’s worth.

Channel-Letter Signs

The Ultimate Guide To Types Of Business Signs

These are the signs that consist of large letters. These letters may or may not be lit up, but each one is an independent unit. In most cases, each letter is lit up, as this kind of sign is much less useful when it isn’t electrified.

When going with a lit sign, you typically have two options for a lighting system” Neon or LED lights. While neon is beautiful and versatile, we would recommend that you go with LED lighting instead. This technology has advanced quite a bit in the last few years, and LED lights are now able to compete with traditional bulbs and outclass them in many ways.

Your choice between neon and LED comes down to several differences. Neon is brighter, and will thus attract a little more attention. LED lights, on the other hand, are much safer and more energy-efficient. An LED display uses only a small percentage of the power that a big neon sign would use. Furthermore, there have been some rather serious accidents that have resulted from improperly installed neon lighting.

Channel-letter signs are distinct from dimensional letter signs because dimensional letter signs are not illuminated. These signs can be used on their own to spell out the name of the business, and they can also be used in combination with other types of signs, allowing for an interesting 3-dimensional look that really catches the eye.

Most of the time, channel-letter signs are made from an aluminum casing. There is no real need to use steel because these signs just don’t support that much weight. In fact, steel would make the letters much heavier and more difficult to mount as a result. Aluminum has the added advantage of not being susceptible to rust.

Monument Signs

The Ultimate Guide To Types Of Business Signs

Do you know those signs that you see upon entering another town? You know, the ones that say “welcome to such-and-such town?” Those are the best examples of monument signs. Instead of being a mere placard, these signs have a background and are set in one place like a monument would be.

You might have noticed that a lot of businesses have these kinds of signs, but you often don’t see them at storefronts. Monument signs are more popular with corporate centers and other “respectable” places. These signs are used to add a touch of class, and they usually do a good job at that.

Electric Message Centers

This is another popular type of business sign. In many ways, these might be described as electronic banners. They display a message in LED lights, which flashes across a screen that is usually wide and short. This gives you a way to present customized messages to your customers (and potential customers) that can be adjusted in real-time.

The classic “marquee” is probably the most well-known example of this type of sign. Movie theaters and other entertainment venues will often use these signs to announce upcoming events so as to generate plenty of hype.

Digital Screen Menu Boards

The use of digital screens in advertising is the newest and most exciting trend. By using a digital screen combined with a simple computer, companies can make interactive advertisements that help the customer to find what they want. Unlike LED message centers, you are not limited to letters and numbers. You can display images or even a video if you want, giving you the opportunity to attract a lot more people. Best of all, these screens can be adjusted remotely and easily so that every day can have a special plan and a special emphasis.

Other Types Of Signs

While the above-listed signs are probably the most effective, there are many other signs that a business might choose to use. Rather than being used as standalone solutions, these lesser types of signs should be used in combination with a high-end sign:

  • Informational signs (bathroom, directions, etc.)
  • Window graphics
  • Wall graphics
  • A promo vehicle
  • A-Frame sidewalk signs


You might be a little surprised at this point, after learning just how complex the signmaker’s art can be! However, this fact shouldn’t surprise anyone. Signs have been the preferred method of business advertising for a very long time indeed. In fact, let’s do a quick check: When was the first business sign made? It turns out that the oldest known signs to ever be found were clay tablets, which were used for advertising simple goods like pots, arrows, etc. We have certainly come a long way since then.

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