Signage Trends: Why You Should Consider LED Displays

Signage Trends: Why You Should Consider LED Displays

One of the latest signage trends in recent years is LED displays. Digital signage has been at the forefront of technology...

One of the latest signage trends in recent years is LED displays. Digital signage has been at the forefront of technology, but now that LEDs are being incorporated into designs, it makes them more favorable than ever. As older bulbs, like fluorescent and incandescent lights, start to disappear from the market shelves, the world shifts more towards digital displays (whether you consciously realize it or not).

If you still have traditional style signage and displays on your business property, you could be unknowingly spending much more utilities than you would with LED signage. It is time to upgrade and start enjoying the benefits of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.

Here are some reasons why you should consider LED displays for the future of your marketing and business signage:

LED Displays Attract More Attention Than Static Signage

LED signs are much more effective in capturing the attention and interest of those passing by on foot and in a vehicle. Countless surveys have proven how incredible LED signage can be for bringing in more customers. For example, a reported that 55 percent of individuals who had seen an LED billboard during their travels could remember much more information about the ad than traditional billboards, even if they were not paying close attention.

The reason for this is the “.” This states that, when images are combined with text, people can more easily recall what they had seen.

Additionally, LED displays are brightly lit and can be seen over greater distances than regular signage. found that, because of this high visibility, LED signs attract new customers to a physical location than online advertisements. One study even reported that 86 percent of businesses that installed LED signage and displays saw a spike in new customers. In the same survey, 83 percent of respondents saw an overall increase in sales.


LED Signage Is Versatile

Advertising LED screens means seizing a chance to use some truly unique opportunities. You can customize the content to match certain demographics or target specific groups during certain

times throughout the day. You can shuffle images and messages. For example, if you run a bar, you can start displaying Happy Hour deals a few hours beforehand to attract customers.

You can deliver hundreds of targeted ads throughout the day, making LED displays extremely versatile. Plus, you can use LED signage to increase brand awareness and recognition.

LED Signs Are Low Maintenance

Worried about the durability of an LED sign? You will find there is no need to worry. LED displays are made with resilient materials and have superior weather resistance. The internal lighting elements are designed to run nonstop without getting hot, and LED lights are less susceptible to temperature changes.

If you do run into issues with your LED signs, maintenance is easy. Simply call up the sign company that installed your LED signage to have them do a quick service.

Signage Trends: Why You Should Consider LED Displays

LED Displays Are Cost-Effective

Similar to LED bulbs, an LED display does not require a lot of energy to operate effectively. The out of pocket cost for the displays and installation are no more expensive than other forms of signage, you do not have to worry about paying much for the advertisements. Since LEDs are much more eco-friendly than traditional lighting options, you spend less on the electric bill, as well.

LED Signage Gives You Complete Control

There are two reasons why business owners should consider LED signage: you can control your LED sign from anywhere, and you have complete control of the messages transmitted. The great thing about LED signage technology is that most of the consoles require an app or some software and a simple WiFi connection. As long as you have that, you can control multiple LED displays with just a click or tap.

And you can control those signs from the comfort of your home or from your office. It does not matter.

Furthermore, you can use technology to your advantage to display a variety of messages on multiple displays. You can capitalize on the positioning of multiple LED signs to guide people to your storefront, for instance. For example, one sign near a highway could help people navigate to the store while LED displays closer to your physical location may show time-sensitive information or even details on parking.

LED Signs Have a Higher ROI

Static billboards are no longer a great investment. You put out money for the production of a single message and have to rent that space, and then it stagnates. With an LED display, you do not have to worry about production costs, since everything is created on a computer then uploaded with a software program. You can change the messages and re-target your audience if the initial ad does not work. Pair that with the durability of LED displays and the low cost of running, and you have yourself a wonderful investment.

LED Displays Can Be Used Indoors and Outdoors

Did you know the LED signs work well both outside and inside your physical store? You can use LED displays as part of your exterior business signage then have touchpoints throughout the store. Whether you have your LED displays indoors or outdoors, you get a better result than having video ads online. In a survey, stated that they noticed more digital video displays in public than they did video ads online. Only 43 percent responded they had an easier time recalling those publicly viewed ads.

Signage Trends: Why You Should Consider LED Displays

Tupp Signs Can Help You Get The Best LED Signs For Your Business

LED signage is going to be an excellent investment, no matter where you decide to place them or how you choose to use them. If you want signage that works for you 24/7 without costing you too much, LED signage is the way to go.

Tupp Signs offers LED signage for every kind of business. We are a complete service, offering design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance services. Get in touch with our professional team to learn how Tupp Signs can help you utilize LED signage to your advantage.