Signage Design Ideas To Boost Your Business

Signage Design Ideas To Boost Your Business

Looking for design ideas for your business signs? Here are a few signage design ideas that can boost your business.

Signage Design Ideas To Boost Your Business

In today’s world, signage is still one of the most effective ways to promote your business. However, if you want your business to stand out, you need a recognizable and eye-catching sign. There are several ways to advertise your products and increase foot traffic. Here are a few signage design ideas that can boost your business.

First, let’s look at the most common types of signs.

Flag Mount Signs

These signs are also called projecting or blade signs. Many of them are mounted on a wall. You can use a flag mount sign to draw pedestrians’ attention to your store. The design possibilities are endless with these signs. Incorporate your logo, branding colors, and other elements into the signs. Just make sure your business name is clearly displayed on the signage.

LightBox Signs

Lightbox signs are a popular option for many businesses. These signage types are a unique way to illuminate your business name. They can be mounted on the outside or used as indoor wall decor. Lightbox signs work best in the nighttime when they can draw attention to your business.

Neon Lights

These types of signs have a nostalgic feel to them. Neon signs are the perfect choice to be used outdoors or indoors. They have a high level of visibility, especially in the dark. You can use them to highlight your business name or a tagline for your brand. Some people think that neon signs are expensive, but that is not always the case. You can have professionally designed signs for only a few hundred dollars.

Awning Signs

You probably have plenty of space on your outdoor awnings. Use them to advertise your business. This signage can include your business name and slogan. If you have the room, add the store hours and telephone number. Some awning signs can be illuminated to be visible throughout the day and night. Make sure to incorporate those business colors to boost your branding.

Hanging Business Signs

Some business owners think that signs are just for the outdoors, but they are missing out on the opportunity to use them inside the building. Hanging signs help to direct customers around the store. You can place them near the restrooms, checkout counters, exits, and aisles. These signs are popular in restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, hardware stores, and other places where a customer might need more direction.

3D Signs

If you want an eye-catching sign, consider a 3D one. You can use this signage in both outdoor and indoor locations. These signs have more depth than regular ones, especially if you use the proper lighting. Think about creating a 3D sign to highlight your company name or display other pertinent information for your business.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are long-lasting options. If you pair them with the right background element, they can stand out. These acrylic signs can be placed almost anywhere in your business. There are limitless customization options for these signs.

Digital Signage

We live in a digital world. For that reason, digital signage is making a significant impact on business signs. You can find these signs in almost every industry, including banks, spas, restaurants, and bars. Since you can customize them to promote any message, they are a popular choice for many owners. They are also more interactive and eye-catching than those traditional signage options.

What Makes a Good Signage Design?

Now that you know the types of signage options, what design elements should you include for your sign? The goal of signage is to communicate with your customers. You can put anything on a sign, from the business name to store hours. Whatever you choose, keep it concise.

Using color is an effective way to match your branding and market your business. The first objective of your signage should be more visibility for your business. Unfortunately, some color palettes will not work with every sign type. In those cases, you may have to choose a strong color, like red, black, or white, for your sign.

You must select colors that will effectively capture the attention of the public. Consider choosing a contrasting color. Yes, you want to stick to your brand, but make sure that the colors look great together. It is easier for your audience to read your signage when you have contrasting colors.

There are numerous fonts available for your signs. Sans-serif and serif are the most popular ones, and they work for most industries. These fonts have a modern appearance. Some business owners use other fonts, like cursive letters, on their signs. If you want to choose another font for your signage, make sure it is one that your target audience can easily read.

The size of your sign will limit the design elements that you can incorporate into it. If the sign takes up an entire wall, you have more graphic and font options. The sign’s size determines where you can place certain elements. As previously mentioned, you will want to keep your sign readable. With too much wording, graphics, or colors, signs can look “too busy.” As a result, your message will be lost on the signage.

Reasons To Use a Business Sign

The primary purpose of a business sign is to provide information to your customers. You can add any type of information, such as the business name, contact information, address, and operational hours. Many business owners use signage to promote their new products or services. You can even share special milestones with a sign.

Business signage is a vital marketing tool to reach your audience and promote your company. Whatever design ideas you use, make sure they can attract the right type of attention for your business.

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