Signage: Common Wear And Tear Issues And How To Fix Them

Signage: Common Wear And Tear Issues And How To Fix Them

Over time your business signage will have common wear and tear issues. Here we address some common issues and how to fix them.

Signage: Common Wear And Tear Issues And How To Fix Them

With a business or company, you obviously want to promote it, and signage is one way to do that. Maybe you already have a sign, but it may be in disrepair and you need to fix the problems with it. Or, maybe you need to update your sign or replace it altogether. So, what are some of the common wear and tear issues or other problems that affect signs and how do you fix them?

Lights Not Working

If your sign has lights on it, one of the most obvious indications of wear and tear is lights that are burned out. When you look at a sign and you see the lights are out or flickering badly, you wonder what the sign actually says, and sometimes you're conveying a message inappropriately because of lights that aren’t working. Lights will burn out particularly if they aren’t LED lighting or the sign is of lower quality. You want to watch for burned-out, flickering and missing lights. Replace the bulbs, batteries, or the entire sign if the lights burn out on a fairly regular basis.

Lighting Alternatives

Maybe your sign isn’t visible during the evening hours. If you have no lighting at all, other than maybe a spotlight, you’re neglecting all that free advertising that can happen with the right lighting. When other businesses in the area have fully lighted signs, you’re definitely missing out. If you truly want added business exposure, go for channel letters that are lighted or a sign that has back lights.

Grime or Dirt Ridden Signage

When your sign is out there for everyone in the vicinity to see, it will get dirty because of exposure to dust, dirt, and grime. If dirt is building up on your sign, that’s not only damage to the sign but it’s also sending the wrong message to customers and anyone passing by your sign. A dirty sign is one that is hard to see. Those walking or driving past it will be less able to see and read what your sign says.

To avoid the buildup of dirt on a sign, you want to schedule a cleaning team to remove the dirt. A business sign should look good all the time, not just once in a while. You could do the work yourself, but it’s a lot easier to employ professionals who already have the tools and cleaning supplies to do the job for you. They’ll clean the signs well and provide other services if you need them.

Weather-Related Dullness and other Exterior Elements

Every sign is subject to exposure to varying temperatures and changes in weather and other outside elements, which can bring about dullness and deterioration of your sign with the passage of time. No one likes to look at a dull sign that’s supposed to represent a company or business. Again, you either take on the job of repainting it yourself or schedule a team of professionals to do the work. Also, you can invest in laminating the sign with ultraviolet (UV) protection against the scorching sun’s rays.

Outdated Sign

If your sign is outdated and appears outdated, think about replacing it and adding in upbeat colors, graphics, and new lettering. Even if the sign contains salvageable materials or the materials show resistance to deterioration by the elements, you still want to take a hard look at that outdated sign. Examine the color schemes, the letters, and any graphics. If you’re not sure about replacement, ask an expert with Tupp Signs. We will give you an honest answer.

Modernize your sign. Use bright colors and include the right graphics and fonts to go with the color. Think about what your company represents and go with an update from there. Use graphics that have an environmental edge, or change out a boring flat sign to a monument sign that has a look of depth to it. Change out your lights to LEDs or switch out to a neon-look sign with a bright look.

Another thing with an old, outdated sign is the area where it’s situated. Think about a taller sign that compensates for the changes in the space your sign occupies. If your sign now has landscaping around it or large trees have grown up in the vicinity, your sign could be blocked. With these changes, consider a taller sign so people can clearly see it.

Larger Sign

Perhaps your business has grown since its beginning and a small sign doesn’t represent what you’re doing anymore. If that’s the case, a bigger sign may be the answer to what you need to boost your expanding business. A more pronounced and larger sign could take your business up a notch or two.

Maybe that smaller sign is so small that people going by it aren’t able to read it. That’s frustrating. When a consumer has to squint to see something, they become frustrated with the size and the inability to read it. This is plainly a drawback that you should fix. You want a sign that is large enough to view from different directions. It should immediately attract the attention of anyone in traffic. Create a larger sign that becomes a feature that busy people can’t miss.

Sign Inaccuracies

Don’t be so busy that you miss any inaccuracies in your sign. Maybe your phone number has changed or perhaps you’ve generated new content, a website, or a social media presence. Maybe your prices have changed or you no longer carry an item at the same price or have the item at all.

Make sure that your sign does away with anything inaccurate. You want to pinpoint the right customers and assure anyone who follows you. You don’t want them to go away neglected or discouraged because of what you have failed to change on your sign.