Monument Sign Design: What You Need To Think About

Monument Sign Design: What You Need To Think About

As you probably know, monument signs have a classic feel and are excellent for gaining attention, because they are at eye level.

Monument Sign Design: What You Need To Think About

Trying to come up with a design for your monument sign or redesigning that you already have? Monument signs are an excellent option for shopping complexes, campuses, churches, hotels, and even more, telling people where to go around a huge industrial park. As you probably know, monument signs have a classic feel and are excellent for gaining attention, because they are at eye level. However, there are some trends in monument signage styles that you should consider so that you can get the most out of your monument sign.

Navigational Aid

Is the monument sign going to be used to help guests find their way around the property? A stunning monument sign can be a fantastic way to welcome people and give them a sense of where to go. Whether you are pointing them towards multiple locations or simply directing them to the front door, a monument sign will decrease confusion and increase satisfaction immediately. After all, almost everyone knows the frustration of arriving at a large hospital or school campus and having no idea where to go.

Architecture & Landscape

A lot of businesses or industrial parks will use elements of architecture and the landscape to accessorize the monument sign. This creates a visually appealing sign that delivers a beautiful first impression. Consider the common elements of buildings or properties within the industrial park, such as business colors, industry or trade, and so on. For example, if a lot of the businesses utilize red brick, the base of the monument sign might be the same.

You can also add landscaping elements, such as flowering shrubbery, rose bushes, lighting, trees, and statues. The presentation is always a positive addition to the sign and makes the sign much more noticeable to the passerby.

Matching Accessories

One of the most popular styles for monument signs is one that mimics the actual architecture of your building and sits on a masonry base. Not only does this bring a sense of harmony and theme, but it is also great for adding some consistency. This consistency helps with building up trust between you and the customer before they even shake your hand. You can streamline the look of the sign by shaping the top of it to look like the rooftop of the main building, mirroring the same shape. It is also a smart move to use leftover stone or brick from constructing other building elements if the establishment and sign are going up at the same time.

Digital Message Board Options

Monument signs are versatile. You can add other kinds of signage to the monument base. For instance, you can add a digital message board to the front of the monument sign to create a more engaging display. Digital message boards are ideal for schools, offices, stations, and many other businesses and property types, especially the ones that are going to display messages.

Digital message centers also give you a chance to communicate with potential customers. You can display information like the weather, important messages, or news.

Not only that, but you can illuminate the sign this way and with other lighting elements. If you use LED modules, the sign is also more efficient. Some options for your monument sign include sign cabinets (also known as box signs) that light up with LED; three-dimensional channel letters with lighting; and digital message centers, as mentioned above.

Foam Instead of Stone

Quality signage does not necessarily have to be a generous investment. You can get the sophistication and stability of masonry from a lower cost option like foams and veneers. Most veneer and foam stones look so realistic that you wouldn’t know the difference unless you physically touch the sign. The materials are also extremely durable and come in many colors, styles, and shapes, but are more than half the cost of actual stone.

In short, designing a monument sign to make it both appealing and functional can take some time. Don’t rush it! By considering the current trends, you can figure out which elements are best for your business or property. You will then be able to have a monument sign that becomes a beautiful first impression for every person that comes your way.

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