Is Your Business Sign Making a Good First Impression

Is Your Business Sign Making a Good First Impression

Think of signage as the face of your business, first impressions are vital to getting customers in the door. Here are some of the top reasons...

Is Your Business Sign Making a Good First Impression

You only have a few seconds to make a great impression on the public. Society has plenty of judgemental people. Once they have formed an opinion, it can be hard to change their minds. People are quick to make a decision about a business or organization based on their signage.

With that in mind, you want to make sure that you have the proper signage for your business. You don’t want someone to form a wrong impression based on an unprofessional sign. Take a few minutes and look at your signage. What messages are they sending to your customers? Those signs need to convey the right impression to the public and others in your neighborhood.

First Impressions and Signs

Before the customers walk through your doors, they have already formed an opinion about your business. The majority of those opinions are based on the appearance and condition of your signage. With so much on the line, you want to ensure you have attractive and effective signage for your organization or business.

Think about the quality of your signs. Take a look at these examples. Souvenir stands can fall victim to poor signage. Some stores often have a hand-painted sign advertising their wares outside of the store.

What impression does that present? It gives the appearance of cheap junk for sale. They may have good quality merchandise, but that is not reflected in the sign. When people walk by these stands, they already have an opinion based on the poor signage.

On the other hand, another gift shop only sells unique and high-quality souvenirs. That business uses professional signage for advertising its merchandise. Sales and specials are promoted with a digital signage board. Before the public enters the store, they have formed a favorable opinion about this shop. That signage shows that this business cares about quality and the customer experience.

Signage does matter. When you have only a few seconds to capture your customers’ attention, make sure to choose the right signs for your business.

The Importance of Signage

Think of signage as the face of your business. As previously mentioned, first impressions are vital to getting customers in the door. Here are some of the top reasons you need to focus on effective signage.

Brand Awareness

If you have a marketing plan, make sure to use your signs as an essential part of that strategy. You can utilize these signs to promote your products or advertise a sale. With an effective sign, you can reinforce your brand to the public.

People are attracted to signs, especially those with a professional appearance. You should use that to your advantage. From pylon signs to channel letters, these signs are ideal for conveying information and drawing attention to your business. Since exterior signs are visible 24/7, you have a consistent and effective form of marketing.


Not only can a sign help promote your brand, but they are the perfect advertising tools. Professional signs promote your products, increase awareness around your business, and communicate to the general public.

These signs are also a great way to promote your business away from the physical building. Think about using a billboard. You can place these signs to catch the attention of passing motorists. That type of mobile advertising can effectively advertise your business or organization.

Cost-Effective Option

Professional signage is pretty budget-friendly, especially when you compare the costs to other types of advertising. You can communicate your essential information, announce your presence, and promote services and products. Printed materials cannot deliver the same results as a sign. Plus, you can customize the sign to meet your needs. Whether you want small or large signs, there are plenty of options for your business.

Various Signs

You can choose from a whole plethora of signs. Ground-mounted signs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can often find these mounted near a road. These signs are great for attracting passing motorists. Some signs are even mounted on a building. With these options, you want to place them near your storefront. These signs are great at bringing in foot traffic. Channel letters and pylon signs can draw a person’s eye to your business. If you want to go digital, think about using a message center.

Quality Signs Make a Difference

With quality signage, customers will develop a great impression of your business. Now that you know why signs are essential, use these few tips to create a high-quality sign.

You want an exterior sign that showcases the personality of your business. Always use a font that is easy to read.

Quality is important. While initial costs are high, you will have professional signs that will last for years and make a good impression in the neighborhood.

You want to hire a professional company to create your sign. DIY signs could be tempting to make as a weekend project but always work with a professional. Make sure to hire someone who understands the business of signs.

Hand-written signs are a terrible idea. They look unprofessional and could drive away customers from your business.

Final Thoughts

Your signage has a crucial role to play for your business. These signs are the public’s first impression of your company. With an attractive sign, you can separate your business from the competition. A well-maintained sign shows that you care about your business and the quality of your services or products. These signs can help you build and maintain a successful business for years to come.