Indoor Channel Letters: Why Your Business Should Invest In One

Indoor Channel Letters: Why Your Business Should Invest In One

There are many advertising options out there, including different types of signage. Channel letter signs enhance the visibility of your...

Indoor Channel Letters: Why Your Business Should Invest In One

If you want to boost your reach to potential customers, think about an indoor channel letter sign. These signs can help enhance your brand, attract more customers, and relay information to the community. Investing in these signs can lead to enormous benefits down the road, primarily more profit for your business. Indoor channel letters are the perfect way to boost your brand. Are you still not convinced? Here is why you need to invest in these signs for your business.

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

There are many advertising options out there, including different types of signage. Channel letters are three-dimensional, often using LEDs to illuminate them. These signs are hard to miss inside your business. Channel letter signs enhance the visibility of your interior, entrance, and other spaces.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in these signs. Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing channel letters.

Cost-Effective Marketing

When you hear the words “invest,” you might think you have to spend tons of dollars for a great sign. However, channel letter signs are a cost-effective advertising option. You will have a great return on investment (ROI). These signs make repeated impressions on your customer base, increasing brand recognition. With other types of advertising, you have to pay for repeated advertising materials and banners. Channel letter signs save you from all of those additional costs. Instead, you might pay a higher initial price, but you can enjoy the benefits of these signs for years to come.

Durable Signage

As you make an investment in your business, you want it to be functional and practical. Channel letter signs have numerous practical benefits. These signs are durable. You can count on them to advertise your business for several years, especially when you keep them inside the building. While outdoor signs have to contend with harsh weather conditions, indoor channel letter signs will only need the occasional cleaning. Since these signs use LEDs, you have a sign that is energy efficient, remaining an effective marketing tool for your business.

Branding Booster

Channel letter signs are one of the top signage options on the market. With them, you can have customizable signs that match your business branding. You can choose branding colors and fonts that communicate your message and vision to the community. The customization possibilities are endless when you use indoor channel letters for your business.

Better Visibility

Small signs can be hard to see in your business. You will never have that problem with channel letters. When you have a channel letter sign in the window, these signs can grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians. LEDs illuminate the letters, making them shine throughout those interior spaces. Channel letters are eye-catching and highly visible elements. If you want to get the local community’s attention, then it might be time to invest in a channel letter sign. These signs allow your business to reach a large number of people with little effort from you. In turn, the channel letters let everyone know that your business exists as you promote your products and services.

Various Customizable Options

You might think that you are stuck with one lighting option for your sign. With a channel letter sign, you can choose from many different elements. These lighting options can help create the right look for your business sign. Channel letter signs are available with front-lit, back-lit, or open-face lighting options. Each one can craft a different look for your sign.

Front-lit channel letters are a more traditional option. They have a translucent face with internally mounted LEDs. The rest of the channel letter’s body uses durable aluminum.

Back-lit channel letter signs use rear-mounted LEDs to create a halo effect. With this option, you can match the colors to your brand or use them to accent your decor.

You might think that open-face channel letter signs have open faces, but that is not true. Instead, every letter uses clear acrylic to create a sign where you can see the illumination source. During the nighttime, this type of channel letter sign will really shine in your window or wherever you place it in your building.

You can combine these options to create a unique channel letter sign for your business. You could use a traditional banner or print out marketing materials, but those resources don’t have the reach of channel letters. Take the time to design a channel letter sign that expresses your brand identity and builds your business with minimal investment.

Channel Letters Make an Exceptional Investment

You are guaranteed to be noticed when you use channel letters for your interior spaces. Whether you use eye-catching LEDs or want to create a unique design, these signs can be seen from anywhere in your indoor spaces.

Along with that, they are cost-effective and energy-efficient options, making them ideal for your signage needs. Existing businesses or new companies can all benefit from investing in indoor channel letters. If you are searching for a way to make your brand stand out from the competition, then you cannot go wrong with a channel letter sign.

Choose a Professional for Your Sign Solutions

Today, businesses in all industries need to stand out from the crowd. You could try to print a banner or hang a hand-printed sign, but that doesn’t send the right professional message to your existing and potential customers.

At Tupp Signs, we have been in business since 1928. Our company has worked with a wide variety of small and large companies. We are a commercial sign company that provides you with professional, responsive, and knowledgeable services. Our team will be there at every step of the sign creation process, from design to installation. We understand what goes into making a great sign for your business. Whether you need indoor channel letters or a digital message center, we have an experienced signage team to help you. If you want to schedule a professional consultation for your company’s branding needs, give our office a call at 302-322-1600.