How Well-Designed Signage Can Increase Your Retail Sales

How Well-Designed Signage Can Increase Your Retail Sales
Published in Tupp Signs | 3 months ago

People are bombarded with signage everywhere they go. How do you combat that? Signage that is boring and common is only going to make your brick-and-mortar...

business blend into the competition, and people may pass it over. On the other hand, if you opt for signage that is unique and bold and showcases what your business is all about, you can increase retail sales. But why does it work? Turns out, there are some design elements that simply attract more attention.

Here are some reasons well-designed signage can increase your sales.

Big, Bold Fonts

Customers want to read engaging signs; in order to do that, those signs need to be visible. A found that signs that are too small had a 75 percent decrease in engagement when compared to larger signs. That means that small signage is practically invisible to your targeted audience.

When designing a sign, you need to think about the people you are trying to attract. How are they going to see the sign? What would they be looking for? You need to consider how signs look from the car window and when seen by foot traffic. If your targeted demographic is older, you need to also think about their eyesight.

Well-designed signage is going to have clearly visible fonts that emphasize your business’s presence. The fonts should uplift your brand—and grab attention. For the best visibility, fonts should be 10 inches for 100 feet of visibility. If you want people to see the sign 300 feet away, then the letters should be at least 25-30 inches tall, for instance.

Focus on a Call to Action

Signage should have a goal. There are some meant to be informational or entertaining; then there are those meant to drive sales. Retail signage should focus on how people will benefit from purchasing a product.

In other words, well-designed signs drive sales because they make a person believe that they need the product in order to solve a problem. For example, “Tired? Grab a coffee and jump-start your day for only $3.” Not only is the price a good deal, but people will agree that, yes, coffee is a good idea for starting off the morning.

Well Designed Signage Helps With Navigation

Great signs can do more than announce the presence of your business. They can also be integral to helping customers find their way around the store. You can have useful indoor signs mounted to walls and columns to guide individuals to products and services they may not find otherwise. Designing signs that say clear pathways will mitigate confusion, creating a much better shopping experience.

How does this help with sales? When you use signs as part of your overall business strategy, you can figure out ways to encourage customers to look at products and departments they may usually pass by. In fact, studies have found that people find items by following signage through a store. Other than that, signage can point to entrances and exits, customer service desks, information, parking, bathrooms, and other amenities.

How Well-Designed Signage Can Increase Your Retail Sales

Know Where To Position Those Signs

Placement may not always seem like an important part of making the most out of your business signage. The truth is that location is essential. Even if your signage looks amazing, it will not have any effect if it is in the wrong place. Not only that, but there are certain standards and expectations from the consumer that dictates where signage should and shouldn’t be. For example, if you are hanging directional signage, you probably would not put it behind obstacles but somewhere it can be easily viewed.

Promotional signage should always be at eye-level for different groups—adults, children, and those who are handicapped or passing by in cars. You may have to test out the best positions for signage depending on who shops in your stores. Again, this is all about helping people find their way and have a reason for going into your store. Making sure your sign gets seen is going to increase traffic and, ultimately, your profit.

You Need Great Business Signage, You Need Tupp Signs

Effective signage is going to bring new customers into any brick-and-mortar location, simply because it gives off the correct message. You can place well-designed signage around your physical store to increase interactions and help people navigate. This will increase the chance of a purchase, as well. That is why you should not sleep on signage. Make sure you are getting the best signage available.

Tupp Signs has been fabricating superior quality signage for many years. Our signs are among the best, and our team is highly trained and dedicated. If you want signage that is going to increase retail sales, give us a call. We will help you decide on the best signs for your business.