How Much Do Pylon Signs Cost?

How Much Do Pylon Signs Cost?

Pylon signs are the gold standard when it comes to long-distance visibility!

How much do pylon signs cost? Pylon signs are the gold standard when it comes to long-distance visibility. When you need to pull business from a mile away, one of these signs is an invaluable tool. Pylon signs are named for the tall poles on which they are mounted, and are usually set in the ground with a large concrete slab.

How Much Do Pylon Signs Cost?

As you might imagine, these signs are not cheap. Their large size is one of the factors that contribute to this higher cost. With a larger sign, more material is needed to get the job done, and that always necessitates a higher price.

Another important factor is the safety and durability that is required. These signs can sometimes be 50-100 feet tall, and that creates a whole host of safety concerns. If this sign were to topple over, it could cause massive damage. It would affect not only your property but also any nearby property (and anyone who happens to be there). Because of these risks, you cannot cut corners when building a pylon sign.

To give you an approximate figure, you can expect to pay somewhere between $8,000 and $200,000 for a high-quality pylon sign. This is a big range because there are a lot of things that can influence the price. For one thing, the size of your sign will play a large role. Secondly, your choice of lighting and cabinets will also play a large role. Multi-pole signs are also a bit more expensive than average.

Why Are Pylon Signs So Expensive?

Most of the time, sign companies charge by the square foot. According to our experts, the average sign costs about $20 per square foot, but that figure varies considerably. Because pylon signs have to be a lot more durable than most, you can expect to pay a lot more than $20 per square foot.

So. let’s do the math: If you have a 30-foot tall pylon sign with a single pole and a single cabinet, how much square footage do you have? Well, let’s assume that the pole itself is about 1 foot wide. Let’s also assume that the cabinet is 2 feet tall and 7 feet long. To get the square footage of these areas, we must multiply length times width.

So, we end up with 30 square feet for the pylon itself (30×1=30) and 14 square feet (7×2=14) for the cabinet at its top. By adding them together, we get a total of 44 square feet for this sign. When calculated at the minimum cost of $8000, that comes out to $181.81 per square foot.

Types Of Pylon Signs

As we mentioned before, your choice of sign types will have a lot to do with the price you pay. The pylon sign is essentially just a cabinet sign that has been attached to a long pole and mounted upright. Because this is such a basic concept, it can be applied in many different ways. In this section, we will give you a quick guide that will help you choose the best type of pylon sign for you.


The first thing to consider is the size of your sign. In most cases, this will be determined by the location of your business. For instance, if you are located right in the middle of a busy downtown area, a pylon sign should not be higher than 20 feet. In neighborhoods like these, many businesses and residences are crammed together, and there is just no room for a giant pylon sign.

More to the point, people aren’t going to see your sign from miles away in a place like that. In a crowded business neighborhood, you will mostly be attracting customers from a close range. Thus, anything higher than 20 feet is unlikely to be noticed unless the customer happens to look upward.

If your business is located near the highway, you need the biggest sign that you can afford. Highway drivers are going to be moving fast, so they won’t have much time to notice your sign. By making a sign that can be seen from a mile or more away, you greatly extend the window of time in which a potential customer might see your sign. Because other businesses in your immediate vicinity are probably doing the same, you want your sign to be the biggest one in view.

Pylon Sign Lighting

You also need to think about lighting. You can save money by using an unlighted sign, but this will be totally useless at night. If your business closes early in the day, however, an unlighted sign would be a great way to cut costs. If you go with a lighted cabinet, you need to decide how many of them you want. Putting one cabinet on top of another can be a great way to create a dazzling and memorable display.

Single-Pylon Or Multi-Pylon?

Finally, you will also need to think about whether you want a single-pole sign or a multi-pole sign. In most cases, a single pylon is enough, but your needs may vary. If a pylon sign is being shared by multiple companies in the same area, you should probably go with a multi-pole version. This will ensure that multiple businesses can occupy an equally prominent place with their signs. With a single-pole setup, multiple businesses will always be fighting over whose sign should be at the top.


When you need a good pylon sign, Tupp Signs can offer you the service you need at a reasonable and competitive price. We hope that this article has given you a better idea of how much a pylon sign may cost, that these signs work and how they can help your business to become more profitable. If you would like to learn more, pick up the phone and call 1-866-324-7446. You can also fill out the contact form below to receive more information about our services, and to receive various special offers.