Factors That Affect Lightbox Prices

Factors That Affect Lightbox Prices

Today, the prices for a light-box sign can fluctuate. Depending on your chosen features, the final price can be considerably lower or higher than the typical...

Factors That Affect Lightbox Prices

Lightbox signs give your business attention throughout the day and night. They are prominent tools to help you become a successful business. When it comes time to choose a lightbox sign, there are several factors to consider. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all option for these signs. Many factors can influence the prices of these lightboxes. Let’s look at a few elements that can affect the cost of your new sign.

Average Lightbox Sign Price

Today, the prices for a lightbox sign can fluctuate. The average cost ranges from $1,500 to $3,000. Depending on your chosen features, the final price can be considerably lower or higher than the typical cost. Now that you have a base price, there are a few factors that affect the costs of your new lightbox sign.


As you may have guessed, size is one of the most significant factors in the lightbox sign’s price. A large sign will need more resources and materials than a smaller one. It also takes more time and labor to manufacture the signage. Remember that larger signs are always more expensive than smaller signs.


Square and round-shaped signs are easier to manufacture, making them a cheaper option. Having a custom sign with additional corners and curves means more money. Your business might have logos and other branding elements that you want to include in the sign. Don’t leave them out just because they add more to the cost. Branding needs to remain consistent across all of your signage.


Expect to pay more for the lightbox sign if you want premium materials. Many sign manufacturers use aluminum as their standard base. This material is fire-resistant and can be used in many applications. Acrylic and Lexan are popular options for those who want a high-end look. Acrylic is clear and perfect for small to medium lightbox signs. Lexan is durable and can withstand extreme weather.


Extra details will make a price difference, such as the lighting options. If you have a double-sided lightbox sign, it will cost about 60 percent more than a single-sided one. 3D signs are pricier, but they do catch the eyes of pedestrians and drivers.

Illumination is another factor to consider. External illumination is less costly than internal lighting. Overhead floodlights and floor lamps can provide your sign with the proper visibility. Some signs have interior illumination that lights up the front, back, and sides. Since the process to provide internal illumination is complicated, it can add to the price of the sign.

While you might think that partial illumination is cheaper, that is not always the case. Manufacturers must cut out those illuminated elements and attach them to the sign. That process needs more time and effort than a fully illuminated option. In some cases, a fully illuminated sign costs less money. Not only will you save a few dollars, but these fully illuminated lightbox signs provide your business with constant visibility from any direction.

Light bulbs and LED options are another consideration for price. Many businesses are switching to LEDs as a way to save energy. These lights are more eco-friendly than a standard fluorescent or incandescent bulb. LEDs have a longer lifespan and offer better quality than those standard options. While there are plenty of benefits, the initial price of LED lights can increase the cost of a lightbox sign. However, you will not have to replace them as frequently as an incandescent bulb over the years.

Secondary Factors To Consider

Now that you understand the primary factors affecting the costs of lightbox signs, there are secondary ones to keep in mind.


You can use artwork to create an exciting element for your lightbox sign. In addition to that, it adds a touch of personalization to the piece. Lightbox signs with custom artwork will be higher in price, especially if there are more visual details. These pieces must be crafted with advanced software, high-quality printers, and a meticulous eye for detail. With all of those factors, you will have a stunning sign.

Standard graphic prints are not much more expensive than custom art. Remember that if the piece is very complex, the price can be higher than even personalized artwork.

Color Quality

A lightbox sign can fluctuate in cost depending on the color choice. Displays that need more advanced coloring tools will be higher in price. Some signs require large format printers to create custom signs. That can give a more realistic illustration, but it can be more costly than a plain sign with black lettering.

Choose a Sign Based on Your Needs and Budget

The most important factors that affect the cost include size, shape, materials, illumination options, and the number of sides. While color quality and artwork can increase these costs, it usually doesn’t significantly impact the price. When it comes time to choose a lightbox sign for your business, it is important to consider the cost.

Think of the sign as an investment for your company. This signage will make your business more visible and help draw customers to your door. Yes, the initial fee may be costly, but you can recoup it over the years. You should never underestimate the impact of a professional lightbox sign. These signs will provide you with exceptional results in almost no time.

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