Effective Signage Solutions For Outdoor Events

Effective Signage Solutions For Outdoor Events

There are a number of signage options for outdoor events that you can consider for the next great outing that will be introduced to you in this article.

Effective Signage Solutions For Outdoor Events

Outdoor events are an excellent chance to bring in eye-catching and functional signage that not only promotes the event but doubles as persuasive advertising for your business and brand. Effective outdoor signage should always attract the attention of those around it without being too distracting while being memorable.

There are a number of signage options for outdoor events that you can consider for the next great outing that will be introduced to you in this article.

Benefits of Event Signage

Before getting into the types of signs that exist for outdoor events, the benefits of using signage deserves some discussion.

The benefits of event signage include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Promotion of business services and products
  • Call customers and potential customers to action, such as buying a product or signing up for newsletters and coupons or downloading your app
  • Helping attendees navigate the event
  • Highlighting the event sponsors
  • Drawing attention to new businesses
  • Attracting new customers

Most Effective Signage for Outdoor Events

What signs do you have to choose from? Let’s find out.

Yard Signs

These event signs are great for directional and promotional purposes. You can place them around town or at the event to help draw attention to said event and sections around the area. They are cost-effective options for advertising, as well.

Flags and Flying Signage

Anything that flutters is bound to grab attention from the event attendees. By adding text and graphics, you create a point of interest that engages those within proximity. Flags and flying signage come in a number shapes, sizes, and colors. You can place them at entrances, near stalls and tents, and as markers.

Event Tents

These are another double-duty sign. Not only can tents provide shelter, they can be used to market brands and increase recognition. For instance, concession stands will usually have the logo of the food company on the side or even menus printed there. This is simple yet highly effective in delivering a powerful message that can lead to impulse buys from passerby and more profit for you.


Vinyl and mesh banners are traditional methods that are known to work. You can hang banners anywhere, and with a wide selection of colors, sizes, and materials, you can figure out the best type for the event. Banners can be used as welcoming signs, for presenting sponsor names, line fences, and so on.

Standing Banners

Standing banners often have poles or stands, so you don’t have to hang them. These banners can either be single or double sided and also have customizable sizes. You may also want a vertical sign, which is eye-catching in a world of horizontal signage.

Effective Event Signage Tips

Now that you know the benefits and the types of signage available for outdoor events, here are some tips to help you place the signs. Doing so will increase the chances of bigger benefits.

1. Big, Bold, & Bright

Event signage needs to be printed with legible, bold, bright, letting and colors to have the right impact. Keep in mind that some color combinations are less readable than others.

2. Succinct Messages

Aside for big, bold, and bright words and colors, you need to be succinct. Consumer attention span is short. Keep the text between 5-10 words.

3. Consistency

Having a set color theme and typeface will help customers focus and keep the flow of the event going. You want to maintain the same style for directional signage, banners, entry/exit signs, toilet markers, and so on.

4. Appealing

Just because there needs to be a unifying theme doesn’t mean that you shun creativity. Use colors, shapes, and complementary styles to develop a memorable experience.

5. Location, Location, Location

Next, be strategic with where the signs are found throughout the event. You don’t want to clutter the space with signs, as that is unappealing. But you don’t want to put specific signs too far from what they are indicating either. Use directional signage well. Think about the flow of the event and how people will move throughout the location to help you decide what goes where.

6. Materials

Finally, you need to ensure that you are using quality materials. Forego the cheap signs that might tear or break on a windy day, for example. Having signage that can hold up in inclement weather is critical for outdoor events.

As you can see, events are a wonderful opportunity to deliver your brand to the world. By using the signage and tips mentioned in this article, the next event is going to be the greatest one yet.

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