Digital Signage VS Traditional Signage: What Your Competitors Don’t Want You To

Digital Signage VS Traditional Signage: What Your Competitors Don’t Want You To

Traditional signs include everything from vinyl adhesives to banners, while digital signs are a modern way to display messages. Let us explain.

Digital Signage VS Traditional Signage: What Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know

When it comes time to advertise your business, you want to select the right type of sign for the job. You have two choices: traditional or digital signage. Traditional signs include everything from vinyl adhesives to banners, while digital signs are a modern way to display current messages. Which one is the best for your business? Let’s take a look at the traditional signage vs. digital signage debate to find the right choice for your organization or company.

Traditional vs. Digital Signage

Business signs come in all shapes and sizes. Traditional signage has been used for many years. These types of signs can include stickers, posters, and banners. With these signs, they display a single message. Unfortunately, they cannot be updated regularly. If you have a new sale or event, you will need to print or create another sign.

However, digital signs are the opposite of that. You can use a digital messaging center to rotate through multiple messages to catch your audience’s attention. These signs are used for retail stores, banks, and restaurants.

Many businesses have not made the transition from traditional to digital signage. As a result, their advertising and marketing remain stagnant for weeks and months. Digital signage allows you to update your message in an easy and affordable format. There are many advantages to using digital signage to increase business and meet customers’ needs. Here are some benefits of digital signage.

Update Messaging in an Instant

Today, everyone is on the go. You can instantly update these digital messaging centers, providing updates to spread the word about sales or other events. Restaurants are taking advantage of these signs. They use real-time updates to highlight a daily special or dining offer. Images of the food can be added to the message to entice diners to visit their businesses.

During COVID-19, digital signs were helpful to display messages from local, state, and national agencies. Digital signs are a great option because they allow businesses to edit messages quickly, saving time and money. With the pandemic easing, you can utilize these signs to display news about the company, promote an event, or relay information about sales.

Scale Marketing Campaigns

You could spend money on traditional marketing efforts, but with a digital sign, you will increase the reach of your campaign. When you need to focus on a different message, digital signage allows you to make quick updates. With traditional signage, you will need to design, manufacture, and install a whole new set of signs.

Add Sound To Your Displays

When you add audio to your digital images, you can engage with your customers, helping to build your brand. Think about using other ways to boost your message. You can add client testimonials, songs, or pleasing sound effects. These features cannot be added to a simple banner or another traditional sign. Remember not to overwhelm your customers. In many cases, less is more. However, when you want to add those elements to your sign, you have the option to create a memorable message.

Display Your Customers’ Orders

While the goal of a digital sign is to attract more customers, you can use these centers to help your existing clients. Use signs to display orders. With that, there is no confusion for the clients or your staff. These mix-ups can create disgruntled customers, extend wait times, and waste your resources. You can avoid all of these issues by using a digital display to clearly show the order so that your customers know what is on the ticket.

Speak To Multiple Audiences With the Same Sign

Traditional signage only reaches specific clients. With digital signage, you can market several aspects of your business. For example, if you have an electronics store, you can advertise the latest games, movies, or gadgets to entice those shoppers. At the checkout lanes or store entrance, market your products to younger clients with celebrity endorsements while enticing older individuals with time-saving products. These digital message centers can be an all-in-one marketing tool to reach every demographic of your customer base.

Save Costs

While printing a traditional banner might seem cheaper, you will spend more money if you need different banners to advertise your sales or other events. Today, the costs associated with digital signage are dropping. With these signs, you can make a one-time purchase. These digital centers allow you to create multiple messages throughout the year.

You don’t even need to hire anyone to change the signs by hand. A computer or mobile app can update digital signs. Along with that, you can fit more ads into a small space, boosting the efficiency of your marketing efforts. In many cases, you can transfer these digital messages to other sources, such as billboards and social media.

Better Use of Data

With digital signage, you have the perfect way to showcase your company’s products and services to the general public. By rotating your messages, you can convince more customers to patronize your business. These digital messaging centers also allow you to collect data on your customers. You can test the success of specific images and messages to analyze your customers’ experiences. Using different displays at different times and locations can help you gather data to determine which methods reached the most customers.

Digital Signs Mean a Better Customer Experience

Yes, traditional signage is the standard way to reach customers, but digital signage has many advantages. Even with higher upfront costs, digital messaging centers are a better investment for your business. You can easily capture your customers’ attention with images and messages that those traditional signs cannot match. Today, digital signage is the better option for many business owners.