Custom Channel Letter Signs Are Perfect For Your Brand Custom Colors

Custom Channel Letter Signs Are Perfect For Your Brand Custom Colors

Not all business signs are created equal. Take a look at our guide on why channel letter signs are perfect for your brand's custom colors.

Custom Channel Letter Signs Are Perfect For Your Brand Custom Colors

You can build your brand with a channel letter sign. These 3-D signs attract new clients and capture the attention of returning customers. You want to make sure that the colors and fonts match your company’s branding. If you have custom colors for your brand, you should incorporate them into your channel letters.

What Is a Channel Sign?

Retail stores, banks, and office buildings are some of the most common places where you will see a channel sign. Channel signs are three-dimensional graphics that provide a clean and finished look for your business. You can custom design these signs in a wide range of colors and fonts. With that, you have the perfect way to introduce your branding colors into your signage. When customers see the sign, they will automatically think of your brand and company.

Many of these channel signs include numbers, symbols, and letters. These elements are constructed with durable materials, such as acrylic or aluminum sheeting. As a result, these signs maintain their appearance for many years.

Types of Channel Letter Signs

You can use several types of channel signs for your company’s branded colors. The most common option is the front-lit sign. These are standard signs. They often have an acrylic face, trim caps, and aluminum backs. You can customize these signs with any font or color. Since this type of signage can be seen from a distance, it works well to grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians. No matter your custom brand colors, you can find LED illumination to use with this option.

Another channel sign option is the halo channel. These signs are also called reverse channel or back-lit signs. These signs give your business a classier appearance, which is a great way to convey a softer image. Back-lit signs have metal faces with aluminum returns. The letters are mounted away from the building. In turn, that creates a halo effect behind the sign. If you want to use these signs, they will work best against aluminum, concrete, or light-colored stucco buildings. Once again, you can customize these types of signs with your custom colors.

Finally, channel letters are available as combination-lit signs. These types of signage use clear backing with a translucent vinyl graphic. With these signs, you can choose from a variety of colors.

The Benefits of Channel Letter Signs With Custom Colors

You can find plenty of benefits to using a customized channel sign. These signs are more aesthetically pleasing than other options. Along with that, you can easily customize these signs with your branding’s colors.

Custom channel signs provide your business with better visibility. When you use custom colors, you can easily heighten your visibility in the community and instantly connect your business with customers.

These signs are an excellent option for branding. A professionally manufactured sign allows you to incorporate your company’s colors. Those colors will pop and resonate with potential customers.

Channel signs are durable. Your custom colors will remain vibrant even when the sign stays out in the sunlight. A front-lit channel letter sign usually uses colorfast acrylic sheeting to accommodate a wide range of branding colors. In addition to that, these signs require less maintenance than other options. Yes, it will cost a bit more for a custom sign, but it requires less care from you.

Many of these channel letter signs are illuminated with LEDs. Those lights are efficient, resulting in higher energy savings. LEDs are also a safer option. With LED lights, the channel letters run on a lower voltage. You will not have to worry about anyone burning their hands if they happen to touch the lighting of the signage.

While you might think that custom colors for your channel signs are out of your budget, these signs can save money. The durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency are significant benefits for your sign. You get all of those savings as you continue with your branding.

Using Your Channel Letter Signage

Now that you understand that channel letter signs with custom colors can make a good impression on your customers, you need to know how to use them. All types of businesses use channel signage to direct clients to their front doors. For that reason, you want to attach the channel letters to the most visible location on your property. With that, you can easily catch the attention of potential customers. When using your custom colors, stick to simple fonts. These signs should be easily read from the road. Finally, you want to incorporate your branding color into the signage, but choose hues that can be legible both day and night.

Things To Consider

Before you install a channel letter sign, you want to check with your zoning ordinances. You don’t want to install a billboard with flashy colors only to find out it is illegal in your business zone. When you work with a custom sign provider, they are knowledgeable about local ordinances and those building restrictions. They will know what will work with your building. In addition to that, they understand what colors will look great with a channel letter sign.

You don’t want to cut corners with your channel letter signs. Try to resist the urge to use a low-quality LED. If you decide on that path, your sign will not look bright, and it will fade faster. High-quality acrylic signs will help your custom colors last longer, including those reds, oranges, greens, and blues.

Final Word

When you decide to invest in your branding, you will want to choose channel letter signage. Using custom colors allows you to take a step that will pay immediate dividends. Customers will notice those signs and make a connection with your brand and business.