Best Type Of Signs For A Supermarket

Best Type Of Signs For A Supermarket

The art of making the best type of signs for a supermarket is a lot more important than most people would guess!

The art of making the best type of signs for a supermarket is a lot more important than most people would guess. Your sign represents the first point of interaction between your business and its customers. It is essential in the making of a good first impression. Not only that, but a sign is a primary method by which new customers will find you.

Of course, you can’t use the same type of sign for all businesses. In this article, we will focus on the unique needs of a supermarket in terms of signage.

Are Channel Letter Signs Best For A Supermarket?

A supermarket will normally be a pretty large building and will tend to be located in a prominent part of town. This is often the case because a supermarket is one business that everyone needs. In any case, the best type of signs for a supermarket is a sign type that will reflect the size and imposing nature of your supermarket.

Channel letter signs are ideal in this regard because of their large size and long-distance appeal. You need to make sure that the letters atop your supermarket can be seen from a mile away, and also from a dozen yards away. Channel letter signs are one of the best ways to achieve that balance.

Are Pylon Signs Best For A Supermarket?

Any good supermarket should have a pylon sign. Indeed, you have probably noticed that most supermarkets have this kind of sign. In most cases, this is necessary because of the huge parking lots that supermarkets need to have. That huge parking lot creates a lot of distance between your building and the road.

If you want to attract more customers from that road, you will need something to close the gap. A good pylon sign is one of the most effective ways to do that, and you won’t even need to get one of the larger signs. Some pylon signs can be 50-100 feet tall and cost as much as $200,000. However, a pylon sign for a supermarket can usually stay well below those figures.

We would recommend that a pylon sign for your supermarket should probably stay below 30 feet (20-25 would probably be better), and should incorporate only one cabinet. If you try to get too elaborate, it will only confuse people who don’t have the time to analyze every sign they see by the roadside.

Are Electronic Message Centers Best For A Supermarket?

Although an EMC certainly isn’t required for a supermarket, it can be very beneficial to install one. This might be a standalone unit or a component of another sign. It offers one big advantage either way: Better communication with your customers.

A supermarket is sure to have all sorts of sales going on at any given moment. By displaying those sales on the EMC, you can ensure that every customer who walks int the door will know what you are offering. You can also use an EMC to announce things like special events, employee recognition for outstanding work, or maybe just a humorous message that gets people to lighten up for a minute.

In the end, an electronic message center is much more effective than the common practice of mailing coupons. Just imagine all the money you can save by cutting out that wasteful and annoying part of the promotion process!

Are Directory Signs Best For A Supermarket?

As the name implies, directory signs are meant to direct people in a certain direction. For a supermarket, these signs can take a number of different forms. For instance, you might have a few directory signs in the parking lot. These would be used to direct customers through a crowded lot so that they can easily find your business.

Signs would be greatly appreciated by your customers if your parking lot is laid out in a confusing or non-linear way. If you are sharing a location with other businesses (which you probably are), these kinds of signs can be used to separate your customer parking from that of the other nearby establishments.

Directory signs are also needed for the inside of your store. If nothing else, you will definitely want signs that direct people to the bathrooms. Apart from that, you also want to have signs at the front of every aisle. These signs should tell customers what goods they can expect to find in that aisle.

Sign Types To Avoid For Supermarkets

We have talked about the kinds of signs that you should consider. We’ve mention the types of signs that you probably shouldn’t consider. There are certain kinds of signs that just aren’t well-suited for supermarkets.

When deciding on what the best type of signs for a supermarket would be, monument signs probably aren’t the best choice. This is because they don’t offer any particular advantage in terms of visibility. Your building will be towering over a monument sign, and it won’t work well as a road sign, either. In the end, monument signs just aren’t tall enough, and they are meant for a different kind of business.

Sidewalk signs are also likely to be a waste of time. Most people don’t need to be enticed to go into the grocery store. Most supermarkets aren’t located in the kinds of areas where this would be a valid concern. However, you can use these kinds of signs inside your establishment to advertise specific products.


In the end, we cannot make this decision for you. It will be up to you, the business owner, to decide what kind of sign is the best type of signs for your supermarket. At Tupp Signs, we strive to give the customer exactly what they want, but we hope that you will take these suggestions under advisement.

We would recommend a mix of pylon signs, channel letter signs, and/or and electronic message center. For a supermarket, those three types of signage would be the ideal trio. If you have learned anything from this article, feel free to fill out the contact form below so that you can learn even more. You can also call Tupp Signs at 1-866-324-7446.