A Guide to Successful Signage for Your Franchise

A Guide to Successful Signage for Your Franchise

Do you want people to connect with your brand and your franchise locations? Here's our guide to successful signage for your franchise.

A Guide to Successful Signage for Your Franchise

Signage should be at the forefront of your visual representation when establishing a franchise location. You want people to connect with your brand and your franchise locations. For that reason, these signs need to have a uniform appearance. If you want successful signage for your franchise, take a look at our guide.

Signage Attracts Visitors and Draws Attention

The right location is vital for any franchise. You want to establish a business in the right market that can cater to a large audience. How do you get the word out about the new franchise? Think about your signage. You want to place the sign in a spot that gets plenty of foot and vehicle traffic. Once you have found the best site for your signs, make sure that it maintains brand consistency. With that, you can ensure that the franchise signage will look great no matter where you place it.

Choose the Right Signage Company

Once you find the best spot for the sign, you will want to work with a professional signage company. Your new community could have restrictions about the size or appearance of the sign. You don’t want to design a sign and then find out you cannot use it. An experienced sign company will help prevent any of those hassles. In some cases, the signs look great on paper, but they are not big enough for the franchise location. When you work with an affordable sign company, you can ensure that you have the right sign for your business that adheres to local ordinances.

Make Sure You Have a High-Quality Sign

As a franchise owner, you know that appearance is everything. From channel letters to digital message boards, those signs must look professional. You don’t want burned-out lights or faded colors. With branded signs, you can attract that foot and driving traffic. While you might be tempted to use cheaper materials, those signs will not last long. A high-quality sign will attract those potential customers and retain its appearance for years to come. Plus, you will not have to worry about maintenance or repairs when using high-quality materials.

Never choose a franchise sign based on price alone. Saving a few dollars might seem like a good idea, but you will probably have to replace it within a couple of years. High-quality signs ensure that your branding will look clean, fresh, and modern.

Maintain Clear Franchise Brand Standards

With franchise branding, consistency is the key. All of your franchise signs should look exactly the same, no matter the location. With those signs, you can create a consistent experience for your customers. Along with that, those signs provide visual cues about your brand, making it more memorable with consumers.

Whether the sign is located on the side of the road or at the entrance of your storefront, you want to draw customers into that location. All franchise signage must create a familiar experience with clients. You want your franchisees to follow clearly defined brand standards for those signs. As a result, you will have signage that creates a unified look across all of the locations.

Create Variations of Your Signage

Yes, consistency is key to your signage, but not every location or market will be the same. In some cases, franchises allow the franchisee to be more creative with their marketing efforts. That can extend to the usage of signs. With that, you still want the spirit of the branding to remain the same. Think about how you can adapt standard signage for these franchisees. For example, some townships or cities may restrict the size of the sign or don’t allow illuminated channel letters. If that is the case with your franchise location, you can offer suggestions to the franchisees on adapting to those challenges. No matter what you do, you always want to make sure that your signage still maintains the look and feel of your branding.

Use a Simple Process To Help Franchisees With Their Signs

You want to make everything simple for your franchisees, especially when it comes to those signs. When the franchisee opens a store, ensure that they understand the signage process. Branding guidelines are great, but a personal touch can make sure that your new franchisee gets the most out of their new signage. Branding can be hard to understand, especially when the franchisee has other issues on their plate.

For that reason, you want to work with a professional signage company. These professionals can help with the consultation, design, fabrication, and installation of the sign. With that, you can find the right fit for your location, allowing the new franchise to have a professional and consistent appearance.

Implement a Franchise Sign Process for Your Brand

The goal of your signage is to capture the local community’s attention. When you have a franchise location, you want to work with a professional company that will be your branding partner. Along with that, you can ensure that your franchise receives a high-quality and visually captivating sign.

You may want to have clear franchise brand standards in place to help your locations remain consistent with the brand. Make the signage process simple for your new franchisee by working with a signage company that offers comprehensive services. That also helps maintain a consistent look for your marketing channels. With all of this in mind, you can help keep your franchises on the path to success with great signage.