How to raise a tabby cat- the most popular Vietnamese cat breed?

How to raise a tabby cat- the most popular Vietnamese cat breed?

Currently, keeping cats is an elegant hobby that brings a lot of joy to everyone who takes care of them. The most popular Vietnamese cat breed is the tabby cat,

1 - Why is the tabby the most popular Vietnamese cat breed?

This is the most popular Vietnamese cat in the whole country and you can see it anywhere, one of the most loved and nurtured family pets in all provinces. This cat breed is not only kept as an ornamental, but they also carry a very noble responsibility, which is to play the role of a hero to prevent the destruction of rats.

The ability of this Vietnamese cat breed to catch mice is one of the things that no one can argue with. To further increase its ability, it is endowed with an extremely wonderful body with an extremely small, long and flexible body. Especially with the help of its agility, it can move smoothly without making a sound, making it one of the worst terrors of rats.

2 - Features of this Vietnamese cat breed

How to raise a tabby cat- the most popular Vietnamese cat breed?

Basically, the tabby cat has a relatively short coat that covers the entire body, with a variety of colors ranging from gray, grayish yellow to yellow. This Vietnamese cat has a rather small face along with a pair of high-pointed ears and large nostrils. In particular, they also have extremely sharp eyes that allow them to track mice at night.

The next feature that we should mention about this Vietnamese cat breed is its long, strong legs and extremely sharp claws. So it's not surprising if you see these cats often climbing on high trees, because their claws allow them to cling on places like that extremely firmly. But also for that reason, when you take care or play with them, remember to be careful, pay attention not to be too strong, because they can scratch and tear your clothes or worse, create dangerous deep wounds.

When take a tour in Vietnam,  it is not difficult for you to come across a family that raises this Vietnamese cat breed. Tabby cat is one of the special types of cats in Vietnamese culture, with a very simple way of life, absolutely not picky eaters or picky about owners. You can also raise them in any location, whether it is a big house, a narrow apartment, or a simple countryside, difficult mountainous areas - they can live happily anywhere.

3 - How to raise Vietnamese tabby cats ?

How to raise a tabby cat- the most popular Vietnamese cat breed?

After you have grasped the basic information about this Vietnamese cat breed, you may be interested in buying one to keep company and fight mice. However, for those who do not have too much experience in raising and choosing cats will encounter a few difficulties in this stage. Basically, they are not expensive, but if you want to achieve the best feelings when nurturing, you must definitely pay attention in the Vietnamese cat breed selection process.

You should definitely choose fully vaccinated kittens, and give priority to those whose parents possess great traits. A cat is considered the best when it has sharp eyes, the lining of the nose must be pink and there is no lure. When you lift the kitten in your arms, if its legs and tail are pointed forward, it proves that the cat is extremely agile as well as has a great ability to catch mice. This is one of the important tips for you to choose a standard Vietnamese cat.

>> More interesting facts:

For cats in general, this is considered the Vietnamese cat breed that is extremely easy to raise. After taking the kittens home, you need to tie them in place so that they can know where they are allowed to move and get used to their new habitat. Along with that, you use cardboard boxes to make a comfortable home for them. After a period of 3 to 5 days, if they can get used to the new place, then you can untie the leash.

This Vietnamese cat does not need much care from their owners, even cleaning and bathing them can be completely proactive. However, if you buy the Vietnamese cat breed, instructing them to go to the toilet properly is one of the most important factors, helping to keep your house clean and avoid discomfort. You use a plastic box and then put coal slag and sand in a place near where they lie - instinctively, Tabby cats will defecate there. Then when they get used to it, you can completely put the sandbox where you want.

Hopefully, the above article has given you enough information to answer your questions about Vietnamese cat breed.