Top 5 Places To Visit In South America

Top 5 Places To Visit In South America

If you are a travel lover, then this article is for you. Read about the top 5 places to visit in South America and plan your next trip now. Read more!!

South America is a land of diversity. It is the fourth largest continent in size and fifth largest in terms of population. The continent is hugely popular for the enigmatic Amazon River.

It doesn’t matter what kind of trip you are into. The continent caters to everyone’s needs. If you are an environmentalist, you will have fun exploring Pantana. For travelers who like to shop a lot, the boutiques and high-end stores in cities in Rio will leave you enthralled. South America is the land of all superlatives. For instance, the largest desert, the Atacama Desert, is situated in South America, its also the land of the largest rainforest, the Amazon forest. Travel to your heart’s content and come back again for a refill of adventures. Let’s have a look at the five best places to visit this year.

5. Salvador, Brazil

We are going to kick off with a bang, Salvador. The official name of Salvador is Salvador de Bahia. The city was founded by the Portuguese in the year 1548. Salvador is one of the oldest cities in America that was colonized. One of the most famous historic sites is Pelourinho. The site has a rich past for being the place where slaves were punished. It is the third-largest city of Brazil and is the first location for a slave port in the Americas. The cuisine is inspired by African heritage. The city also has vibrant nightlife and hosts the world’s largest party, the Annual carnival.

4. Los Glacaires Park, Argentina

Los Glaciares Park is heaven for environmentalists all over the globe. It is the largest national park in Argentina. It has a unique glacier named Perito Moreno glacier. While you would see news of glaciers receding and drying up, this glacier is expanding every year. The park is also popular among travelers for its Lake Argentino, the largest lake in the country(we told you South America is the land of superlatives). Carve some time out to see the well-conserved Megellan Subpolar forest and Patagonian Steppe.

3. Pantanal, Brazil

Welcome to the largest tropical wetland area and the world’s most extensive flooded grasslands. Pantanal is located in the Brazilian state of Mata Grosso do Sul. It’s a difficult task to reach Pantanal, but the discomfort melts away when you look at the beauty of nature. It is hard to describe in words what the effect Pantanal has on tourists. The tropical wetland is as big as the size of Washington State. Although still under the radar, Pantanal is also a great place to explore wildlife, ranging from capybaras to jaguars.

2. Colca Canyon, Peru

Peru is slowly becoming the hotspot for young travelers. If you happen to visit Peru, make a mental note to see Colca Canyon. It is the third most visited tourist destination in Peru. The canyon not only has a stunning landscape but is also titled the deepest canyon in the world, which means twice as deep as the US. Grand Canyon. It is also an excellent place for bird watching. Just focus your eyes on the sky, and you just might spot Andean Condors and the biggest hummingbirds staring back at you. A quiet stroll along the narrow streets of villages will bring you back to simpler times.

1. Angel Falls, Venezuela

We have saved the best for the last. The first spot goes to the majestic Angel Falls in Venezuela. The falls are located in Guayana Highlands and the most visited tourist destination in South America. The falls are fifteen times higher than its counterpart Niagara Falls. Angel falls are the highest uninterrupted waterfall globally, cascading down to more than 950 meters down in the lap of Auyantepu Mountain and Rio Kerepacupai Meru. It is named to immortalize the name of Jimmy Angel, who became the first pilot to fly over Angel Falls. If you want to become a comfortable and easy flyer on one of these places in South America, try booking your flights from where I booked, Spirit Airlines Reservations. They have really amazing offers with exclusive facilities.