A Mesmerizing Trip To Marrakech

A Mesmerizing Trip To Marrakech

Entering into Marrakech feels like entering into a different world. Explore the fusion of Arab and Berber cultures with me.

Marrakech has been the place I wanted to visit for so long. The fusion of Berber and Arab culture has always pulled me towards it. A little introduction about me before we move forward would give you an outline of my trip. I am an artist. A painter, to be exact. I have been painting my entire life. It started with sketching my classrooms, asking my family to let me paint them just doing their daily chores, to finally accepting it as a vocation. It was hard for me to believe that someone would actually pay money to buy my work, but I soon realized its relationship between an artist and an admirer. I had an exhibition coming up in six weeks, and I would go through what some would call an artist-block. I don’t like that term; it makes me feel like a negative thing. I think of it as a way to sit back and let the inspiration come to you. Anyway, long story short, I was going through this slump, so I thought, why not travel while I am at it. Maybe a change of scenery would inspire me to pick my brushes again.

The place I picked was Marrakech, the gorgeous city in Morocco. If you want to see life in Marrakech, spend the maximum time on the streets. The alleyways are narrow and decorated with endless rows of shops selling handmade Moroccan lanterns and craftily embroidered fabric. The lanes smell of fresh fruits and roasted nuts. The scent of spices pulls you in with their exotic aroma. I even discovered obscured stores selling leather goods. The calls of these shop sellers could get overpowering sometimes. Make sure you are stern with your answers.

Moorish culture sits at the heart of Marrakech. It is said that designs of Giralda in Seville and Alhambra in Granada were conceived here. Not only did I see the grandeur in Mosques, tombs, palaces, and cedar ceilings, the love for art and architecture was visible in humble abodes.

The highlight of my trip was Koutobia Mosque. It is a religious center of the city and was built during the 12th Century. Its walls tower over you, reaching a height of 70m. The arches are designed in a way it looked like they were trying to spread their wings. To get a taste of the quintessential Moroccon life, I made my way to the local market. It was located just behind Kasbah Mosque. The square was bustling with fruit sellers selling fresh fruits and olives. Fresh meat of lamb and chicken were available for anyone who wished to buy.

Making my way through the side door in the Kasbah Mosque to see Saadian tombs. These tombs are where Sultan Ahmed al Mansour, his family, and advisors were brought, making it their final resting place. I don’t know it was my creative side or what, but I felt a deep connection to their souls in the Tombs. I started pondering about human life and how it is the same and different for each human. We all through the same cycles but have different perspectives towards it.

For my lunch, I headed to the north of Mellah; there was a busy shopping street named, Zitoun el Idid filled with vendors, tourists, and locals alike. I went up to the terrace at a café called Un dejeuner de Marrakech. I enjoyed my meal while looking over Medina.

I did not put pressure on myself to get inspired as soon as I was back. Because of that, slowly but surely, I could begin to form an outline for my work at the exhibition. The airline I picked made a massive difference in bringing the comfort factor. I was able to check my flight status and manage my booking all because of Qatar Manage Booking services. The website and the app are both equally efficient.