Amazing Cities near New York: 5 Ideas for Your Car Trip

Amazing Cities near New York: 5 Ideas for Your Car Trip

There are so many cities to visit around New York by car. We prepared for you 5 amazing cities to visit near New York Albany Airport.

Travelers often choose New York to spend their vacation in the United States, as this is a popular destination on the country's map. However, would you like to take a different way and choose alternative interesting cities located nearby? If your answer is YES, then book a car rental Albany NY airport and prepare for your journey. The NY state capital is a great starting point - it will allow you to avoid the big-city bustle and travel without any traffic jams.

The U.S. roads are of high quality and transport interchanges are very convenient, which guarantees a pleasant trip. Where exactly should you go? Look for the following cities in the car’s GPS navigator.

Woodstock, New York

Amazing Cities near New York: 5 Ideas for Your Car Trip

Woodstock is exactly where you can relax. As you approach it, you can enjoy incredible views from the window of your car rental vehicle. The city is located in the mountains, surrounded by forests with cascading rivers and waterfalls, and famous for its quiet streets and family cafes.

It's hard to imagine what Woodstock was like when millions of people came there for the Woodstock Rock Festival. Now it’s a place of tranquility where you can just walk, eat tasty local food and buy all sorts of trinkets, like candles and handmade soap.

Washington, DC

Amazing Cities near New York: 5 Ideas for Your Car Trip

The distance between New York and Washington is about 205 miles - not a lot by state standards. Why go to Washington? Firstly, Washington is the official capital of the United States, where you can see the White House, the Capitol, and other iconic places that have become symbols of the USA.

Secondly, unlike the rather expensive New York, many attractions in Washington provide free admission. So, taking a weekend trip to the US capital is another way to save money. Thirdly, the city features a great number of museums, among which you’ll find both classical and quite unique places. For example, the National Air and Space Museum is considered to be one of the most visited museums in the United States!

And fourthly, unlike New York, Washington has a lot of historical landmarks, including cathedrals, castles, and other architectural objects, so if you are tired of skyscrapers made of steel and glass, feel free to take a rental car and go to Washington!

Philadelphia, PA

Amazing Cities near New York: 5 Ideas for Your Car Trip

Philly, as Philadelphia is affectionately called in the United States, is not a small town with nothing to do. In addition to a host of restaurants, bars, and shops, Philly has some very large and famous landmarks.

Be sure to run up the stairs to the main entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and visit the Rodin Museum along with the Barnes Foundation. Also, don’t forget to see what the First Bank of the United States looks like and explore the Liberty Bell - a symbol of American independence. Of course, try Philadelphia's main dish, Philly Cheese Steak. It’s a sandwich of thinly sliced ​​beefsteak, caramelized onions, and melted cheese on a long toasted roll.

New Haven, CT

Amazing Cities near New York: 5 Ideas for Your Car Trip

Located 80 miles from New York City, New Haven is easily accessible by rental car. Once in New Haven, you will first think that you accidentally left for England. The Yale campus occupies about a third of the city and is very similar to Oxford and Cambridge.

You should definitely take a look at how the Ivy League students live. There are several student bars, museums, a huge library, large dormitories, and America's oldest cemetery. In order to get inside the campus, book an excursion in advance on the Yale website.

Boston, MA

Amazing Cities near New York: 5 Ideas for Your Car Trip

Take a road trip to Boston to explore New England and the largest city in the region. Boston is home to several famous American universities – Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). You can learn all the secrets of shipbuilding in the open-air museum, where the oldest ship in the American fleet is located.

To make sure you don't miss all of Boston's iconic sights, drive your rental car along the Red Line, which will show you the city's main historic sites. Such a guide was specially organized for tourists who come to Boston for the first time and want to quickly see the main attractions of the city.

If you get tired of walking around historical places, then there are two options for where to relax - you can go to one of the famous parks in Boston, or you can go to the Boston embankment, because the city is located on the shore of the sea bay. Among the parks, choose Boston Common, the oldest park in the states. As for marine entertainment, be sure to visit the local oceanarium.