Different Types of Services a Towing Company Offers

 Different Types of Services a Towing Company Offers

A professional towing company offers a wide range of roadside assistance services.

You know some of them, but there must be some that you might have never thought of as a service of a towing company. This article shares some of the services a professional towing company offers to its clients who need roadside assistance to get out of the unforeseen trouble.

Vehicle Recovery Services

When a client’s vehicle has suffered an accident and has received serious damage, the vehicle recovery service is what you need from a professional towing company like Action Towing Service. In this situation, the towing experts bring the vehicles and equipment that enables them to bring your vehicle out of the accident’s site and take it to a safe location or to a workshop for repair work. Your vehicle might be in a ditch or slipped off the road. Their specialized vehicles facilitate rescuing your car from all kinds of situations and positions.

Free auto scrap removal

If there has been a massive accident or a fire incident in a parking lot, the towing companies offer free auto scrap removal services. The cars that aren’t in usable condition anymore are loaded on the flatbed trucks mostly to take them to the scrapyard. This is one of the services offered by towing services that very few people know about. When such a situation occurs, people may wonder who to contact for assistance. The best and maybe the only solution is to call a towing company near you who has the potential and vehicles to take away the auto scrap.

Car lockout services

Another type of service that a towing company offers to its clients is the car or vehicle lockout service. Towing companies have professional experts and the right tools to enable them to unlock the car and let you in. They’re highly trained to ensure they don’t damage your car and unlock your car in a minimum possible time. Whenever you get locked out of your car, it can be an annoying situation, and you need immediate help from a professional towing company.

Car boosting service

You don’t have to worry about contacting an electrician or a workshop if your car isn’t starting. Your nearby towing company offers the car boosting service that boosts your car’s battery when it doesn’t have the power to keep your car running. After this boost, you get enough power in your battery to reach the nearby place to get a new battery. So, next time your battery fails on you, you can call your nearby professional towing company as the experts are highly trained and know how much boost your specific car requires. If the boosting process is applied incorrectly, it can damage your car’s electrical system. It may cost you a heavy amount. This is why you should only hire a professional towing company’s roadside assistance services to get your car out of trouble safe and sound.

Local and long-distance towing

You may be of the opinion that towing companies only offer towing services within the city or in a restricted area. Long-distance towing is a service that allows you to take your car from one city to another city or to any other location where you need to take it. It broadens the options you have when your car has failed on you at a faraway location from your home or your destination where you were heading.

These different types of towing services are the least common or least anticipated services. Everyone knows the typical and most obvious services of a towing company.