L-Arginine from Amino Acid: Naturally Effective for Weight Loss

L-Arginine from Amino Acid: Naturally Effective for Weight Loss

L-arginine is an amino acid, one of the building blocks for proteins in the body and prioritize muscle-building over fat deposits and limit weight.

L-arginine for Weight Loss

L-arginine is an amino acid, one of the building blocks for proteins in the body. According to an animal study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2009, this amino acid may prioritize muscle-building over fat deposits and limit weight and fat gains caused by a high-fat diet.

There are many available supplements in the market for weight loss which do little to nothing to treat excess weight and this creates a haze in the general public that probably none of these supplements work.

Arginine Benefits for Weight Loss

Arginine Gel

Arginine Gel

Below we are simply going to present facts about the weight loss supplement, arginine or L-arginine; a naturally derived amino acid – popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Arginine Assists in Healthy Weight Loss

One good thing about l-arginine is that it can help you achieve healthy weight loss. This means that it reduces fat mass while maintaining or increasing lean muscle mass.

Many animal studies support this claim and suggest that the amino acid, arginine, reduces fat mass by boosting insulin activity, manipulating genes and hormones involved in fat metabolism, enhancing antioxidant status, etc.

The reason why arginine is so popular among athletes and bodybuilders is that it acts as an ergogenic aid, which means it boosts strength and exercise performance.

A study carried out on animals showed that arginine resulted in weight gain by increasing muscle mass by 5.5% and reducing fat content by 11%.

Clinical tests also prove that arginine supplementation boosts muscle mass and muscle strength in elderly people and postmenopausal women.

Combining arginine and ornithine supplementation is helpful in increasing muscle mass and boosting exercise performance.

Arginine Targets Genes Involved in Fat Metabolism

Arginine Circulation Cream

Arginine Circulation Cream

An experimental test conducted on animals showed that arginine supplementation modulates the activity of genes that are involved in lipid metabolism in the skeletal muscle and white adipose tissue (a type of tissue that stores fat).

It was found that arginine favored metabolism of fats by muscle and stopped accumulation of fats in fat tissue.

Another study found that arginine supplementation supported muscle mass development and lessened body fat accumulation in animals.

Arginine Helps Eliminate Stubborn Belly Fat

One of the best benefits linked with supplementation of this amino acid is that it effectively targets belly fat and eliminates it.

In a clinical trial assessing the effect of taking arginine supplements on abdominal fat in obese individuals, 20 subjects were recruited and administered 3g of the arginine supplement everyday for 12 weeks.

The subject’s waist circumference decreased by 4 cm on an average and weight reduction of around 3kg was discovered.

Additionally, on statistical grounds, the results strongly claimed that this effect was due to arginine supplements only and no side effects were reported.

Arginine Promotes the Development of Brown Fat

There are two types of fat: brown and white. White fat is the one that accumulates fat and brown fat is the type that burns fat. Go BROWN FAT GO.

Scientists at Texas A&M have found out that supplementing on arginine modulates the expression of genes in a way to stop development of white fat and support energy expenditure. Other animal studies have also proven this point.

Research shows that arginine not only reduces the growth of white fat but enhances the development of brown fat by activating precursors that assist in development. This means that arginine can improve metabolism and assist in treating obesity.

While supplementing on Arginine may not have side effects, consider speaking with your Doctor before taking it, if you have any conditions or need more information.

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