Why should you provide zakat?

Why should you provide zakat?

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam and an act of worship. The meaning of zakat is “to purify” and so to purify our own wealth all Muslims are obliged to

Zakat, the main pillar of the religion - Literally, zakat means to increase and another meaning to purity.According to Shari'ah terminology, zakat has both meanings.

Also, Zakat is the best means of acknowledging and giving thanks for the innumerable blessings bestowed by Allah.

In contrast, those who do not pay Zakat are not blessed by Allah (Surah At-Tawbah 34).

When a person spends a blessing like wealth on the command of Allah Almighty, then Allah Almighty appreciates his self-sacrifice and considers his spent wealth as his debt.

With the system of Zakat, a stream of wealth shifts from the rich to the poor, which improves the economic condition of the poor.

Take Zakat from their wealth to purify them and bless them for it.

A believer is one who puts the love of Allah Almighty in his heart instead of wealth, by whose grace he got wealth and is spending that wealth in His way.

In Surah At-Tawbah 60, eight entitlements of Zakat have been mentioned, which include the poor and the needy as well as the perpetrators of Zakat, i.e., they can take a salary, etc.

Shari'a has placed the responsibility of collecting and distributing Zakat on the Islamic government to create order and regularity in collective worship.

Where an Islamic government is established and a system of collection of Zakat is established, Zakat has to be paid in the treasury of the government.

In particular, the collective system of collection and distribution of Zakat should be established and permanent and in the hands of good people.

Please give your Sadaqah and zakat to Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust for the welfare and protection of orphans and mankind.