Essential Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

Essential Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

In this blog, Our AI experts will tell you the top 5 essential applications of artificial intelligence. Nowadays AI is expanding very fast with Machine learning

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About Artificial Intelligence

We've all heard of the term ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. As a branch of computer science, artificial intelligence technology attempts to embed human intelligence into machines or computers so that they can perform human functions and tasks.

Artificial intelligence (AI), which deals with human functions such as thought process, information processing, and data interpretation, is a revolutionary technology that has expanded the scope of technology and advanced developments in the field.

AI's goals include learning, reasoning, and perception. Along with these goals, AI forces computers to perform human-like functions through techniques such as deep learning and machine learning. AI is ubiquitous in today's digital age, from self-driving cars to generating captcha text on website portals.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

While we have already gone through many aspects of AI, here is a list of the top 10 AI applications examples that further explains the significance of this concept.


It is well known that artificial intelligence is the driving force behind robotics. The use of artificial intelligence in robotics has made possible the presence of robots in many industries, such as finance, marketing, and healthcare.

For years, robotics has tried to introduce human intelligence into machines that can think and work like humans. A real example of this application is the robot Sophia. Robot Sophia, which is considered a "humanoid", is a mixture of human and robot with built-in abilities of both.

Here is a video with the robot Sofia, developed by Hanson Robotics, which has long been engaged in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Outer Space Exploration

Artificial intelligence is present not only on Earth, but also in space! When it comes to AI applications, machines are traversing outer space and encouraging humans to explore outer space.

Whether it's missions to Mars or launching satellites in the exosphere, AI is stubbornly moving toward space exploration.

Some of the aspects associated with the application of artificial intelligence in space exploration are mapping, satellite navigation, and location tracking technologies.

Customer Service

Artificial intelligence has also made it easier to incorporate machines into customer service. Computers that are going to record the reviews of various customers visiting stores, shopping centers or showrooms of large brands.

Even machine learning chatbot technology (robots that communicate with customers on the web) is one of the best AI applications that has expanded the use of robotics. By imitating human behavior and communication styles of marketing staff, chatbots work with customers through online platforms.

For example, Amazon, an e-commerce platform, includes chatbots in its customer service department. Here, customers are forced to communicate with robots that intend to resolve their queries or inaccuracies related to purchases, orders, etc.

Stock Market and Finance

Another of the list of artificial intelligence applications is the financial sector.

With the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, machines are now able to interpret stock market performance in the past, analyze the profits and losses of relevant stocks, and even predict future stock market performance.

Recently, artificial intelligence has made a significant contribution to the development of the financial sector. One such financial company, Nomura Group, has successfully implemented artificial intelligence technology.

What's more, AI is making its way into financial processes such as payment transfer, e-commerce platforms, and many other similar areas.

Automated Cars

Artificial intelligence is the way self-driving cars work. Automated cars are a typical example of the application of AI, which explains the achievements of this field along with the automotive industry.

The idea that cars will drive on their own with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms is the future of the automotive industry.

Large corporations like Tesla have been working on automated cars and are moving towards this development. Thanks to AI, people will no longer need to drive cars or hire drivers to do so. Here's how Tesla uses AI.

Digital Media

The Internet is everywhere, as is artificial intelligence! Another application of AI is digital media, which helps social media platforms check fake news, understand obscenity or profanity hidden in comments or signatures, and promote brands online. These aspects of digital media and artificial intelligence together create virtual platforms that seem to know their users all too well.

Have you ever wondered why your Instagram shows you smartphone ads when you're just looking for the same thing online? Well, AI is the answer.

By interpreting the data and analyzing the patterns hidden behind the user interface, AI customizes our Google search engines, incorporates various digital marketing tools, and provides us with exactly what we are looking for!

Healthcare Industry

Health care is a basic service for all citizens of the world. While doctors and scientists work diligently on revolutions in medicine from time to time, artificial intelligence contributes to the development of the industry.

The role of AI in healthcare allows machines to interpret a patient's medical history and predict possible diseases that a person may become vulnerable to in the coming years.

What's more, AI has contributed to the discovery of drugs and the creation of drugs that can treat harmful or even deadly diseases.

The impact of AI on the industry has been enormous. Yet one such medical firm that has actively implemented AI in the healthcare industry is IBM Watson Health. He assists in research, data analysis, and provides clients with medical solutions.


To sum up, artificial intelligence is widespread in people's lives. The breakthrough of the 21st century has led to the development of artificial intelligence, which has further expanded the use of technology in many areas. This blog is helpful for you to understand Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

By helping machines work the way human intelligence does, AI has trained computers to mimic human behavior well.