Tiny Homes Heating Ideas

Tiny Homes Heating Ideas

Tiny homes heating ideas come from many sources. Check out some here.

Here’s an innovative idea from Sophia Tyrell writing in Coin Dais today.

Coin Dais is a website featuring news on cryptocurrency, business and markets. An unusual platform for tiny homes heating you would think.

But there is a connection as the writer points out.

Bitcoin mining uses a huge amount of computer power which generates enormous heat. She suggests that this heat could be used for tiny homes heating.

There are other possibilities:

  • Circulating water in pipes through compost heaps.
  • Hot air from livestock barns using heat exchangers.
  • Outside wood burning furnaces.
  • Geo-thermal.
  • Using water tanks to store heat during the day.
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Using some creative thinking, many tiny home dwellers could find easy to use, economical heat sources that could be adapted to heat their tiny homes.

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