Tiny Homes Building Plans Hit The News

Tiny Homes Building Plans Hit The News

It's a rapidly growing movement that's driving a demand for planning!

Tiny homes building plans are featured in this article on MSN money.

There is a gallery of photos of tiny houses with both traditional and unusual designs.

Copyright rules won’t let us republish the photos, but hop over to the page here and feast your eyes on the 32 different tiny homes.

For a step by step guide to building your own tiny house check out this guide: Click Here!

Want to look at a bigger range of tiny homes building plans? Check out the selection lower down the page.

Tiny homes are generally considered to be no bigger than 400 sq.ft. (40sq.m.) although Wikipedia uses 500 sq.ft as the upper size limit. Houses between 400 and 1000 sq. ft. are considered small homes.

The tiny house movement – or tiny homes movement is growing in strength, reach and appeal as more cash-strapped home-owners look for ways to downsize, save on living costs and consume fewer resources.

Why we might need tiny homes building plans.

One of the biggest supporters of the tiny house movement are millennials and older generations who have missed out on the opportunity to become home-owners for a number of reasons. Student loans, low paying or no jobs, starting families while earning low wages, supporting parents, the list goes on.

As I know from personal experience, no matter how secure we think our lives may be, they can be turned upside down in a heartbeat. We can go from being a settled home-owner to being on the verge of homelessness in the blink of an eye from a catastrophe we never expected. You can read my story on my blog here.

When I lost my farm in Zimbabwe due to political chaos, I had to move from a huge farmhouse to a tiny house not much bigger than the cabin in the photo below. The tiny home would have fitted into the lounge of our farmhouse. We had to get rid of a mountain of “stuff” but we survived and lived comfortably – and cheaply!

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Faced with a drastic drop in income, a tiny home may be our only option for keeping a roof over our heads.

That’s why there is a huge demand for tiny homes building plans.  Searching for a selection of building plans? Check out our shop  here for some options.  For more information on tiny homes, don't hesitate to visit us here.