Health Benefits of Tiny House Living

Health Benefits of Tiny House Living

Do you think you could live in a home that is under 400 square feet? Turns out many are with remarkable health benefits!

Have you heard of the Tiny House Movement? Simply put, it is a social movement where people choose to downsize and live in homes that are under 400 square feet. If you have cable, you’ve likely seen shows such as ‘Tiny House, Big Living’, ‘Tiny House Builders’ and my personal favourite, ‘Tiny House Nation’. These shows typically show families living in an average North American home (i.e., 2,600 square feet) and wanting to downsize in a custom-made tiny house that is under 400 square feet. Why you ask? Well, turns out there are several good reasons why people choose this lifestyle, including benefits to their health and the environment.

Environmental Benefits

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of tiny house living is the reduction in the carbon footprint. Given the small size, they require less energy to heat and cool as well as less water wastage. People who embrace this lifestyle are typically more environmentally conscious choosing to use salvaged, recycled and re-purposed materials as well as composting toilets and rainwater collection sources. They can also opt for alternative energy sources such as solar panels and wind energy. Intriguing, right? Keep reading!

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Health Benefits

There is a huge emotional impact in downsizing to a tiny home and it begins with the relief of the financial burden of a mortgage and debt. It’s no secret that one of the major sources of stress today is the lack of money. Reducing the need to earn more money you reduce stress and that means better health.

By necessity, tiny home dwellers are forced to declutter and adopt a minimalist existence. It can be very freeing to get rid of ‘stuff’. Again, it can help to decrease stress levels. A bedroom that is only large enough to fit a bed may help to promote a better night’s sleep. That’s because these spaces have less stimulation such as TV’s and lights. If cells phones are left out, that’s even better.

Because of the limitations in moving around inside a tiny space, people find they are forced to relax more, becoming introspective or reading that book they felt they never had the time to read. They find they do more meditating and learn to appreciate the simpler things in life.

Many tiny home dwellers opt to have their homes on green space which means they can spend more time outside, enjoying the fresh air and engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling.

How does all this benefit your health? According to the American Medical Association, stress is the basic cause of 80% of all human illnesses and disease. You reduce that stress and you reduce the risk of:

• High blood pressure

• Immune system challenges

• Chronic pain

• Headaches

• Depression

• Digestive issues

• Insomnia

• Heart attack

• Stroke

• Etc.

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Tiny house communities are beginning to pop up across North America and in fact, throughout the globe. The people living in them tend to have a better sense of community. They satisfy people’s basic need for relationships; encouraging physical activity through community gardens and a general sense of helping their neighbour.

Are you convinced yet? Whether it’s for you or not, there is no doubt that the tiny home movement is having a huge global impact for those looking to simplify and declutter their lives.

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