White Rice Vs Brown Rice

White Rice Vs Brown Rice
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Rice is consumed throughout the world, and since times there has been debate on which is nutritionally better- white rice or brown rice.

Nutritionally speaking, white rice is fully refined and processed rice grain. Brown Rice composes of a bran and hull, which is why it contains a lot of vitamins & minerals compared to white rice.

Brown Rice Vs White Rice

Brown Rice contains arsenic, 80% more than white rice. Arsenic, is a phytic acid, which is toxic when consumed in larger amounts. It can significantly reduce the absorption of minerals like iron and zinc. So, limit your brown rice consumption. Keep having white rice every now and then.

Brown rice is rich in selenium, this mineral can reduce the risk of many diseases like cancer, heart illnesses.

White Rice Vs Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Brown rice can reduce your weight. The fibre content improves digestibility of food and regulates the bowel moment, which boosts metabolism and helps in weight loss.

Brown rice is lower in GI index than white rice which is helpful in reducing the blood glucose levels and hence it can be consumed by diabetic patients.

Brown rice have high levels of antioxidants compared to white rice, which is very useful in fighting against diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases.

Brown rice due to the presence of hull & bran, is higher in lignan content. Brown rice can reduce the bad cholesterol level in blood, lowers the blood pressure. So, brown rice is particularly important if you are suffering from a heart disease.

White Rice Vs Brown Rice

my take on recommendation for white rice vs brown rice

From the above facts presented, I am pretty sure you must have made up your mind on having brown rice but hold on, read the first point about brown rice. It has higher arsenic levels than white rice, which why it has to be ruled out. Brown rice contains higher amounts of carbohydrates & calories than white rice. Although it can help you fight against diabetes, but consuming it daily can cause you diabetes. I also recommend you to read an article on Rice is Nice.

So, my recommendation for you is to opt white rice than brown rice. Have a bowl of brown rice once in a while, to prevent your body from mineral depletion.

White Rice Vs Brown Rice

White Rice

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