Thyroid: Fear or Disease...

Thyroid: Fear or Disease...

Thyroid, PCOD & Diabetes - 3 diseases that are now feared. 1 out 3 people, suffer one of these. Why? What is happening to us? Is it really a dreadful disease?

1 out of every 3 people have been diagnosed with PCOD/Thyroid/Diabetes. Lifestyle is changing pretty fast. It has become very common to hear young girls saying, "I might be diagnosed with Thyroid/ I may never get pregnant/ I am having irregular cycles''. Ten years back, the situation was not like this.

What is happening?

The fact is, our lifestyles have become inactive. A phone calls delivers food to us at our home, thanks to computers. And many of us are just sitting down during work.  Years ago people had a very active & balanced life. They always believed eating home made foods and knew they were nutritious than the processed & junk foods.

Thyroid: Fear or Disease...

The seniors are a happy bunch.

With the rise in the number of working women, all of us have adopted to eating processed foods & ready to eat foods, without sparing much time in the kitchen. Is this not going to affect our health?

What puts you at risk for Hypothyroidism?

  • Lack of nutrients plays a huge role in developing hypothyroidism
  • Too much of stress can disturb thyroid hormone
  • Being a women put you at a greater risk of developing hypothyroidism
  • Post pregnancy hormonal changes & menopause stage
  • Irregular sleep
  • Starving to lose weight & overdoing exercise

Top 5 things to follow:

  • Whether it is U.S or China, Canada or Nepal, always eat foods that are local to you. Your body can absorb & assimilate the local foods better.
  • Have your yogurt, peanut butter, banana, fresh veggies as often as you can. Some foods are rich in vitamins in their raw state & consuming them as such, keeps you away from deficiencies - particulary Vitamin B12 ( caused due to low intake of meat & dairy products) & Vitamin D ( thanks to AC buses & cars, we dont want to go out in sun!)
Thyroid: Fear or Disease...

Peanut Butter

  • Excerising keeps you fit - Work out for 3 hours every week
Thyroid: Fear or Disease...


  • Have a sitting job? Get up and walk for 2-4 minutes every hour
Foods are not in nature to harm, the scarcity of it makes you deficient in the nutrients thats why PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, Obesity, Vitamin Deficiency, Bone problems, Arthrtis and what not.
  • Keep your phone, tabs, laptops away while sleeping - do not touch them at least 40 minutes before going to bed - the hormones released during the night time fixes the body & repairs the damaged cells, and they help in overcoming insulin sensitivity !!
Thyroid: Fear or Disease...

5 things to follow

Your body is meant to be nourished & loved - Do not fear of becoming obese/increasing cholesterol/becoming diabetic. Eat Well & Exercise Regularly - thats all is needed for a healthy lifestyle...

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Eat Well! Akansha Dalmia,

Lead Nutritional Writer for emag Time for Healthy Eating Klusster