The Many Health Benefits of Cashews!

The Many Health Benefits of Cashews!

Cashews are rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B as well as minerals like Potassium, Magnesium and Copper.

The rich and creamy cashew is amazing for you - packed full with nutrients to keep you healthy - and it's delicious. Try it in it's raw form, roasted, and even in dressings and soups.

Here are some of the incredible health benefits of cashews!

1. Exhausted and unable to sleep? Munching on a few cashews will help ease anxiousness.

2. The combination of Vitamin B6 and Tryptophan (an amino acid) found in cashews act as a natural antidepressant.

3. Cashews have a beautiful combination of fatty acids and phytosterols, which  lowers levels of LDL ("bad cholesterol") and increases levels of HDL ("good cholesterol").

4. Rich in fibre and essential fatty acids, this low glycemic index food is an excellent snacks for diabetics.

The Many Health Benefits of Cashews!

5. Cashews are three times better than spinach in preventing acne and improving fertility.

6. The ample Vitamin B Complex is essential in metabolizing carbohydrates .- helping you lose weight.

7. The essential fatty acids found in cashews help during times of hormonal transition, like puberty or menopause, by regulating hormones and keeping you feeling sane!I

8. Cashews are also rich in Vitamin E, which works as an anti-aging agent and helps keep your heart healthy.

9. Copper, also found in cashews, is excellent for maintaining blood flow keeping blood vessels healthy.

10. The minerals in cashews can help adults who suffer from muscle cramps.

The Many Health Benefits of Cashews!