Refreshing Coconut Water

Refreshing Coconut Water

Coconut water contains incredible health benefits of its own. The refreshing drink is good for rehydration, lowers cholesterol & regulate blood glucose.

Coconut water, is one of the amazing food that nature has gifted us. They should be consumed fresh, as such sold by the vendors who cut the piece on the coconut head for its water & meat consumption. They are very refreshing & easily available during summer. We also know that Matthew McConaughey and Demi Moore recently joining pop star Madonna in buying shares in a US-based coconut water brand.

Coconut water are now available as bottled & canned, which contains some amounts of preservatives & are also not very fresh. Always prefer having a fresh coconut water over the bottled one. Buy a processed one, only if you cannot look for some fresh coconut around!

Refreshing Coconut Water

Straw your coconut now!!

Why you should have a glass daily?

Coconut water has pottassium, which makes it a good electrolyte that helps in rehydration of the body.

Coconut water lowers the blood pressure & decrease the rate of heart attacks. Adequate consumption of coconut water can benefit the body.

People having water retention problem, should consume one coconut water daily, as potassium flushes the extra water out of the body.

Refreshing Coconut Water

Coconut water

Whenever you are suffering from acidity, consume a glass of coconut water- It lowers the acidity levels in the body & balances the pH.

It contains many micronutrients which help in detoxification.

Consuming it will give you a better metabolism, glowing skin & improved hair growth.

Coconut water is a refreshing drink, which should be consumed in moderation.

Anything consumed in excess, may not be fruitful. A glass a day is good for us.

Picking up a Right Coconut:

Always pick a coconut and shake it to check the water content. If theres a sound of water, it means it has good amount of water inside it.

Refreshing Coconut Water

Coconut Selection

Never pick a coconut that is moist - as the chances are that there might be a leakage.

Never pick a coconut with a cracked shell - they have less amount of coconut water & also might be infected with mould.

Read a newspaper article here on coconut water - Doc says, if we don't prescribe a coconut water, the patients ask us to do so, it has become a fancy thing!

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Akansha Dalmia, Eat Well,

Lead Nutritional Writer for Time for Healthy Eating Klusster