Fat Beyond Weight Gain...

Fat Beyond Weight Gain...
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Fat, an important nutritional component always a bad reputation of increasing the weight. Are all fats bad for you? Lets figure it out...

Fat had always feared people of increasing their weight and hence they are considerably ruling out fat of their diet. Fat on oxidation gives 9Kcal/gm and are tough to lose once accumulated in the body. Yet, not all fats are bad for us. Some are useful, providing us better metabolism and lowering the cholesterol.

Fats or lipids on oxidation gives triglycerides. There are two types of fat : Saturated & Unsaturated Fats.

Are All Fats Bad?

Saturated Fats are usually the fat which is solid at room temperature like butter, clarified butter, animal lard etc. They were associated with many cardiovascular diseases as they increase the bad cholesterol levels in the body.

In 2015, USFDA admitted that theres no link to the heart disease being associated with fats.

Short chain saturated fatty acids are very useful for example, clarified butter have been labelled as "prebiotic foods" as they improve the metabolism of the body and promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

Fat Beyond Weight Gain...

Learn How to Make Clarified Butter

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Unsaturated fats are usually the vegetable oil like olive oil, sunflower oil which are liquid at the room temperature. They are of two types: Monounsaturated fat & Polyunsaturated fats (PUFA), they are considered to be beneficial to the human body. They are not related with the risk of heart diseases and increases the level of Good Cholesterol in the body

what is good & bad cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a molecule that is often risked with the heart diseases. They are also of two types:

Good Cholesterol are High Density Cholesterol which cannot pass through the blood vessels and hence they are good for the human body. To increase the quantity of these cholesterol, exercise regularly and consume unsaturated fats.r

Fat Beyond Weight Gain...

Excerise Regularly

Bad Cholesterol are Low Density Cholesterol which can pass through the blood vessels and risks the chances of heart attacks and strokes. Saturated fats can increase the levels of Bad cholesterol in the body.

trans fats

Trans fats are formed when the unsaturated fats undergo processing to transform into saturated fats. This is usually done to convert the liquid state of the fat to solid state. Bakery foods (cakes, pies, biscuits), margarinine, partially hydrogenated oil and many more.

Fat Beyond Weight Gain...

Trans Fat

essential fatTY ACids

Some fats cannot be synthesized by our body and hence they need to consume. They are omega-3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acid. They are found in flax seeds, marine oils, rice etc. They are essential for normal body functioning, brain development and proper metabolism

Fat Beyond Weight Gain...

Essential Fatty acids

So, all that you need to know none of the nutritional component found in nature are uselessnes. They have their own functional importance. If you are eating the right fat, then you can save yourself from cardiovascular diseases. Eating products rich in Good Cholesterol also reduces the levels of Bad Cholesterol in the body.

Have clarified butter more, and be choosy when you are picking up your fat food.

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