Amazing Oats

Amazing Oats

Oats are the cereals which are gluten free. Their health & functional benefits are very good for your heart, blood and digestive system. Try them.

Oats have become most of ours quick breakfast meal. They are ready to eat, sweet/savory to taste, and a bowl of it fills our stomach to the fullest. They are also eaten as a snack or porridge.

Oats have high amounts of fibre, which boosts our metabolism and improves our bowel movement - this is why a lot of us are consuming it more to bid a goodbye to our stubborn fats accumulated in the body.

We do find a lot of products in the store offering varities of oat- Oat Biscuits, Oat Bread and who knows, one day our pizza base will be made with oats !! Such a delicious product, I say.

Amazing Oats

Oats Biscuit

Oats are gluten free, as their gluten protein (prolamin) is avenins, hence it is gluten free. Wheats prolamin is glutenin and thus it forms gluten. So, its our solution to cealic disease.

Oats have  essential fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acids & omega-6 fatty acids, which helps in lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Oats have been made in a way that will support a healthy lifestyle. They are high on carbs, low on fat, contains essential fatty acids, and very rich in magnesium & zinc.

Oats are low on glycemic index, thus they can stabilize glucose levels and beneficial to diabetic patients.

Amazing Oats

Oat Field

Oats increase the receptive response during inflammation. Inflammatory diseases are diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases.

A bowl of healthy oats keep you full, it is very good for weight loss & maintaining helathy lifestyle.

Being rich in magnesium, oats are essential for maintaining the right blood pressure and prevents heart strokes & attacks.

This healthy food product with an excellent profile for weight loss & prevention of of heart diseases is a must have food.

Eat Well, Akansha Dalmia

Lead Nutritional Writer, Time for Healthy Eating Klusster,