Virdect successful in isolating Covid virus in wastewater

Virdect successful in isolating Covid virus in wastewater

Virdect has successfully managed to detect the Covid virus in wastewater. This is a game changer for senior homes, schools, condominiums, and factories

Virdect has successfully identified Covid in wastewater samples.  The samples were taken over a period of thirteen weeks, and tested for the Covid RNA.  It was determined at a number of sites that were initially negative, that the virus was identified prior to any patients in the area showing signs of the disease.

This is a game changer for Schools, Hospitals, Condominiums, Factories, Senior residences and any other area in which there is a large congregation of people.  Our proprietary  sampling and testing wastewater allow us to detect the presence of Covid within a defined building, allowing the custodians of the building to make informed decisions depending on if the building tests negative or positive.  (if negative, carry on, with caution,  as normal or if positive to Isolate, test individuals and quarantine those found with the virus)

When the tests return to negative, life in the building can return to a cautious normal.

The tests identify that virus in both symptomatic and asymptomatic members of the community, enabling the community to use the scientific information to make informed decisions.

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