Why I Do What I Do

Why I Do What I Do

As a Hospice Nurse I watch beautiful souls pass and wonder could we prolong life by what we drink? Our bodies are 75% water, it should matter how we refuel.

I love what I do

As a hospice nurse, I have allowed people to pass pain free and feel the pain from themselves and loved ones, wondering if better nutritional education may have helped. There are frankly too many miracle stories globally from people drinking ionized water and as a health educator, I believe I can help people more with Enagic's products than my nursing license....at times.

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The proof is in the Results

I have noticed changes health wise in my husband as well.

His immune system is stronger and

no winter blahs for us!

The children are born so much more toxic now, I fear for their futures. I allow them always to be a part of my demonstrations and show them the properties in sports drinks, vitamin waters and Colts that are also damaging our bodies instead of doing what we think they should do.

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Say NO to Energy Drinks

Many professional athletic teams actually drink Kangen, but we only see them with Gatorade because of million dollar endorsements.

NASA has been using electrolyzed water for their astronauts since the 50's because of the huge burden from oxidative stress. They are on a strict antioxidant diet. Nobody knows that either!

Your Chance to Experience for Yourself

Because I see such positive results personally, in myself and my husband; since drinking Kangen water, I want YOU to have an opportunity experience it for yourself.

I am happy to give you a FREE 21 day supply to see how this may enhance your health and wellbeing. Most people notice changes in a matter of a few days.

Call or email me and we can get things set up for you.

If you are buying toxic bottled water from water depot stores, or cases of toxic, acidic water, it is important to educate, don't turn a blind eye. It is hastening illness and destroying our environment. Lets join forces with the thousands worldwide who say no to toxins and yes to healing ionized alkaline water.

We CAN make a difference. Our babies deserve it too.

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Why do I do what I Do?

It makes a difference in the health of people and our environment, and hopefully we all live a longer healthier life!

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