Resume Writing Tips Job Seekers Need to Know About

Resume Writing Tips Job Seekers Need to Know About

THRIVE in the job you want with a resume that stands out.

What takes approximately 6 seconds to start and finish?

That is the attention span of the human eyes reviewing your resume based on 2016 communications.  In many cases, a computer program has diminished the total number of resumes to review based on key words found in both the job posting and submitted resumes.  Then, the eyes of the person standing between you and an interview are looking for visual cues that you are potentially the right candidate for the job they are hiring for.

Updating your resume to align with the recruiting processes and expectations in 2016 will put you in a better position to catch the attention of the people looking for someone like you.

In addition to the highlights for resume writing shared by, below are some other tips to consider when creating the content for what is your first impression to the company you want to work for.

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Use Numbers

When possible, use numbers to represent facts and figures.  Not only do numbers visually stand out and break up a page full of letters, but they make it easy to communicate accomplishments (e.g. Achieved 30% growth, 100% of projects completed on time, Managed 45 front-line employees).

Social Media Review

Social media accounts allow you to expand on the experience and skills that you communicated on your resume.  This is a useful tool, especially if you found it difficult to keep your resume length to two pages.

Be mindful that the information you display on your social media accounts needs to align with the content of your resume.  Recruiters and people leaders have the flexibility to look at the social media accounts of candidates and review what information you have posted publicly. If discrepancies are noticed between dates or work history it raises questions and concerns as to the validity of the information on your resume.

Resume Writing Tips Job Seekers Need to Know About

Use On-line Platforms to Showcase your Skills

Some work history and experience can be difficult to put into words, especially if you work in the creative industry (e.g. photographer, graphic designer, writer).  Consider using online platforms such as Pathbrite or having your own website to showcase your visual work.  This takes the guess out of your level of expertise, or the diversity/range of your talents.

Use Key Words

Review the key words used in the job posting and weave them into your skills and experience.  Key words are critical if a hiring company uses a computer program to search and sort resumes.  Ensure that an accomplishment or skill is attached to the use of the key word (combine with "Use Numbers" above) so that it makes sense why you have incorporated it into your resume.

Regardless of your motivation to apply to a new job, the resume you submit is the first impression that a company has of you.  The content that you choose to include has a significant impact on how your resume is received, viewed and perceived.

THRIVE in the role that you want by writing a resume that is visually appealing, draws the reader in and makes the recruiter feel like you have the skills and experience to succeed with their company.

For further tips on writing to achieve clarity, not confusion, with your content, click HERE.

Resume Writing Tips Job Seekers Need to Know About

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