Thomas Gehrman-How to Stay Healthy during Lockdown

Thomas Gehrman-How to Stay Healthy during Lockdown

Thomas Gehrmann is discussing the ways to stay healthy while working from home in the lockdown.

As the world battles with the spread of coronavirus and countries closing their borders, while incorporating compulsive stay-at-home orders. Millions of people all over the world are working from home in this crisis. Transitioning from a normal working environment, a working from home setting can be very challenging. With no gym time, lack of working in an ergonomic environment closed schools, and kids to take care of, bundles of attractive snacks arranged in the kitchen, no social stimulation. All these can disrupt any worker’s mental health. ‘One of the best ways to beat this is by finding a way to stay fit and balance your physical and mental health’ says Thomas Gehrmann, a renowned chiropractor in Colorado Springs.

Whether you’ve been working from home for years or its just your first time, it is not easy and fulfilled as you think. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome especially when the only person you talk to all day is your kids or dogs. The feeling of isolation makes you feel restless and tired all day. ‘Although the idea of leaving your bed and working in your pajamas sounds great, it causes more harm than good to your mental health’ says Thomas Gehmann. Hence, here are tips to stay healthy during this lockdown.

1. Exercise Regularly

Sitting all day is the new norm as everyone is now working from home due to coronavirus lockdown. Sitting all day can make stiffen your arms and legs which can lead to headaches and pain. Exercising helps stimulate your body and improves your normal brain functioning. It also allows the blood in your body to circulate properly while strengthening your bones and muscles. A poor sitting posture for a long time often forces the nervous system to take energy away from the immune system.

2. Rest Regularly

Walk around during your lunch break. “Take every opportunity you have whether it’s a Phone call or an unusual sound around the house, to stretch your body. This helps you think clearly’. Says Thomas Gehmann. Get out of the house and enjoy vitamin D from the sun. After working hours, it is important to also participate in other activities and sleep for at least eight hours every day. This helps rejuvenate the skin and improves your mental health and general well being. It also allows increases your productivity and concentration the next day while keeping depression and anxiety at bay.

3. Stay Hydrated

Always keep a glass of water beside you all day to keep your hydrated. Drinking water helps maximize your physical performance and prevent headaches. Research has shown that your hydration status often influences the way your brain functions. Therefore, you need to stay hydrated to be more productive at work. Also, dehydration often leads to impaired mood and reduction in the energy level.

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